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Menma's TERA

TERA, as it should have always been. Brought to you by the players. Welcome home!

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64-bit Performance

Running on 64-bit, DirectX 11, for the best performance this game has ever delivered.

Legendary Dungeons

Go against TERA’s most legendary bosses, now with more challenging fights and better rewards for defeating them.

Open-World PvP

Reworked PvP, Open-World Player Killing, GvG Battles, Re-Balanced PvP Gear with new stats, COMPLETELY FREE. Log In, make a character, start fighting.

Free Costumes

All cosmetics, available by simply playing the game. Play, earn ingame currency, buy cosmetics.

The most popular TERA Server

Continuing the legacy of TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, but this time, as it should have always been. Action-Style Combat System, 64-bit Client, Easy Gear Progression, Minimal RNG, Legendary Dungeons and Boss Fights, including Shandra Manaya in Manaya’s Core, Lachelith in Ruinous Manor, Darkan in Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Fulminar in Bathysmal Rise and much more. Open-World Player Killing, GvG Battles, Special weekly GvG event taking place in Island of Dawn, new battlegrounds for our PvP friends. And everyone’s favorite, costumes. For Free!


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