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Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 0.1 – The Open Beta

Menma’s TERA open beta testing is upon us, and comes with huge changes to the game we know as TERA. It’s time to make the switch!

Character Selection Screen

  • The Character Selection screen has been replaced with the old 2013 style character selection.

Island of Dawn

  • The ruined Island of Dawn has been replaced with the old 2013 Island of Dawn.
  • The Island of Dawn monsters of the areas in the bottom have been buffed.
  • The Dawnstorm Token shop has now been updated to include a 2.0 mount box and tier IV etchings (including exclusive ones that weren’t used before).

Civil Unrest: Island of Dawn (NEW)

  • New Civil Unrest area, taking place in the old Island of Dawn.
  • Starts on Saturday at 3:00 pm UTC (5:00 pm CEST), lasts 1 hour.
  • The area is accessible at all times. (Known issue: Dying inside the area while CU is not active may not show the resurrection window)
  • A BAM spawns every 15 minutes, killing it will grand the guild of the player that lands the last hit a buff (Endurance/Power/Attack Speed).
  • Towers can be built 100m away from other towers only and outside of safe zones.

PvP Gear

  • The PvP Weapons now have new enchantment stats:
    • Disciplinary Weapons
      • +7: Increases PvP damage by 1% when attacking from behind.
      • +8: Increases PvP damage by 2% when attacking from behind.
      • +9: Increases PvP damage by 3% when attacking from behind.
    • Harmonic Weapons
      • +7: Increases Attack Speed by 1%.
      • +8: Increases Attack Speed by 2%.
      • +9: Increases Attack Speed by 3%.
    • Impregnable Weapons
      • +7: Decreases skill cooldowns by 1%.
      • +8: Decreases skill cooldowns by 2%.
      • +9: Decreases skill cooldowns by 3%.
  • All the PvP Disciplinary and Impregnable Weapons have had their attack modifiers changed to their Harmonic equivalent attack modifiers.
  • All the PvP Gloves and boots have had their main PvP defense stat increased by 10.

PvE Gear

  • Removed all lower value random stats (also known as white/blue stats on retail version).
  • The enchantment system has been adjusted as follows:
    • Gear will no longer drop on enchantment failure.
    • Chance for gear damage has been reduced.
    • Base success has been adjusted.
    • On enchantment failure, a 0.5% enchantment advantage is being added.
    • All success chance rates are now visible.

The Colosseum (NEW Battleground)

  • A new 2v2 PvP battleground, taking place in the Super Quiz Bowl.
  • Get inside using your own personal gear.
  • 5 rounds, first team to win 3 rounds wins.
  • DPS only, healers cannot get matched.
  • A monster appears after 1 minute of fighting, killing it will grant you a power and attack speed buff. Use it to gain an advantage over the enemy and win the round.
  • The winning team earns 64k bellicarium points, losing team earns 24k bellicarium points.


  • All active apex skills have been disabled in battlegrounds. (Side note: Apex passives still work)
  • The loot and bellicarium rewards of all battlegrounds has been updated. Including Champion’s Skyring and The Colosseum.


  • The following dungeons are closing their doors:
    • Akalath Quarantine
    • Corrupted Skynest
    • Corrupted Skynest (Hard)
    • Forbidden Arena
  • The following dungeons are making their return:
    • Dreadspire
    • Manaya’s Core (Hard)
    • Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard)
    • Forsaken Island (Hard)
    • Timescape (Hard)
    • Broken Prison
  • The dungeon loots and difficulties have been adjusted for current patch.
  • The dungeons’ neophyte resuscitation has been readjusted to the following values:
    • 5-star dungeons have no neophyte resuscitation.
    • 4-star dungeons have a maximum of 5 available resurrections until 10 clears. (Skilled Tag)
    • 3-star dungeons and lower have not been changed.

Forsaken Island (Hard)

  • The vanguard quest is now available.
  • Upon resurrection, you will no longer receive the instant death debuff.


  • Loot has been updated to the following:
    • <Legendary Mount Token>
    • <Zenobia’s Breeze>
    • <Battered Oath Exchange Token>
    • <Amarun’s Relic IV>
    • <Ishara’s Halidom IV>
    • <Body Armor Etching: Pumped IV>
    • <Body Armor Etching: Keen IV>
    • <Footwear Etching: Pumped IV>
    • <Footwear Etching: Keen IV>
    • <Kaia’s Gear Box>
    • <Diamond>
    • <Improved Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock>
    • <Improved Dark Shard Armor Feedstock>
    • <Black Core Shard>
    • <Black Core Nodule>
    • and more…

Training Ground

  • The boss HP has been dramatically increased.


  • Lancer Superior and Mythic weapons have one extra stat of cooldown reduction by 7.2%.
  • Gold Costs of skill advancement have been reduced by 50%.
  • Sky Lotus Drink is now usable again. Upon use, makes you 100% resistant to knockdown and stagger for 10 sec, but you might feel very dizzy.
  • The GvG declaration, withdrawal and surrender announcements appear kind of like the old times. (Not exactly the same though)
  • Removed EP option “Turning Tables”, also known as retaliate reset from all classes.
  • Added new tabs in Tikat shop that include all available costumes in the game.
  • Increased Civil Unrest guild tower defense by ~200%.
  • Initial maximum guild size has been reduced to 30 accounts.
  • The TERA Club mount has been changed to: <Summon: Dapper Lloyd>
  • Improved security, implementations to prevent abuse of known exploits.

Future Plans

  • Skycastle rewards for Civil Unrest and/or GvG battle winners. Yes you heard it right, Skycastles!
  • An open dungeon to everyone with PvP allowed, that includes valuable rewards.
  • Updating open world bosses, guild BAMs, field bosses, and guardian missions.
  • EP balancing for PvP.
  • And much more…

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