Menma's TERA

Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.0.1 – Follow Up


  • Skill Advancement gold cost has been reduced to 0.
  • Tikat is now obtainable through vanguard initiative merchant on an exchange ratio of 1:1.
  • Ancient Accessory Morpher merchant price has been changed to 1,000g compared to previous 10,000g.
  • Skill Advancement scrolls have been added to the Bellicarium Credit Merchant shop at 10 credit per scroll.
  • Adjusted price of Prime Battle Solution to 10 gold.
  • Veteran title reward has been switched to the special glowing title called “Pride of Menma”. More information on how to obtain soon.

PvP Gear

  • The PvP gear has been switched to Disciplinary, Harmonic, Impregnable.
  • Disciplinary gear enchantment stats have been switched to general PvP damage, instead of just from behind.

Tikat Shop

  • Added the following items:
    • TERA Club Membership (30 days) (20,000 Tikat)
    • Exodor Laundry Basket (1,200 Tikat)

Vanguard Merchant

  • Added the following items:
    • Superior Noctenium Refiner (200 Credits)
    • Legacy Essence (25 Credits)
    • Complete Crystalbind (10 Credits)


  • All 3+ star dungeons will be dropping the following upon completion:
    • Karas’s Wisdom Box
    • Bespoke Exodor Weapon Box
    • Bespoke Exodor Armor Box
  • The vanguard quests of all 3+ star dungeons have been adjusted to include a high amount Skill Advancement Scrolls.

Character Creation Items

  • Removed Heroic Oath Gear boxes. 
  • Added <Amarun’s Wisdom> for instant 180 skill advancement.
  • Added <Bellicarium Credits (5m)> (obtained credits are double with TERA Club)

Known Issues

  • Non-healer superior/mythic weapons that have no stats are enigmatic on pick up and show no stats when trying to select some. Unexpected behaviour, will be fixed soon.
  • The quests required for Kaia’s Upgrade NPC have been altered to require different bosses but will not show in the game, will be fixed soon in an upcoming client patch.
  • The TERA Club item from Tikat Shop is currently not working, but will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • The PvP Gear is currently only enchantable to +3. Will be changed soon.

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