Menma's TERA

Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.0.2


  • Healers weapons should now drop unidentified.
  • Non-healer weapons with no stats will drop identified now and will be missing the top selectable stat (enrage/cdr/attack speed/crit factor).
  • Masks from Transcendent Mask Coupon shop require 1 coupon now instead of previous 6(?).
  • Adjusted Battered Oath Gear sell price to 1,000 gold.
  • Deleting a character over level 50 will now require 24 hours waiting time before being deleted.
  • Replaced some of the non tradeable costumes with their tradeable versions.
  • Replaced the Skycastle costumes in Tikat Shop with ones that won’t get deleted upon logging out or teleporting.

Bellicarium Credit Merchant

  • PvP Innerwears will be properly showing in Misc Tab now in Bellicarium Credit Shop.
  • Added Karas’s Wisdom Box (1,000,000 Credits)
  • Adjusted Transcendent Mask Coupon price to 1,000,000 Credits.

PvP Gear

  • Now enchantable to +9.
  • Adjusted success chances to 100% across all enchantment levels.


  • Increased success chances from 10% to 25% base.

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