Menma's TERA

Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.0.6

Patch v1.0.6 brings various unique changes to the gear, PvP and miscellaneous gameplay improvements. Please find the details below.


‣ New item added: <Menma’s Multi-Nostrum>
Upon use, applies Everful Nostrum, Strong Bravery, Superior Noctenium Elixir and Hot or Salty Fish Buffet buffs, the last one depending on your class.

New Starting Item

‣ Eternal Gear Token Box has been added.
Eternal Gear Token Box will replace existing Bellicarium Credits Item which new characters used to receive at the start of the game. The box will loot 1000 Eternal Gear Tokens upon opening.

‣ PvE Relidoms will now be obtainable from Eternal Gear Token Shop for 250 tokens each and will not be given away immediately at character creation as a starting item.

PvP Essentials

‣ PvP Gear and related equipment have been added to the Eternal Gear Token Shop for 1 token each.

‣ Brand new Radiant PvP Special Accessories, Relics and Halidoms have been added.
These Accessories and Relidoms will be able to be acquired instantly but will not be usable in dungeons. Upon entering a dungeon while having them equipped, a “Curse of PvP” debuff will be applied that reduces damage and healing done, and increases damage taken.

‣ New Item [PvP Gear] Menma’s +9 Gear Enchantment Scroll
Instantly enchants all PvP Gear pieces to +9 with 100% success chance.

‣ Equalised gear has been removed from all Battlegrounds.
From now on they are set to Personal Gear. The change is made as a temporary hotfix while the Equalised Gear is currently being tested. It shall be brought back after these are done.

‣ Eternal Gear Token Box has been added to Bellicarium Credit Merchant for 1m credits each.

PvE Gear

‣ Red stats of the PvE gear have been set to 40%.
PvP damage dealt reduction has been adjusted to 40% (from 80%).
PvP damage taken increase has been adjusted to 40% (from 100%).

Radiant Jewelry

‣ Base enchantment success chance has been increased from 25% to 40%.


‣ Healers’ missing Talyphs (Velocity, Downfall, Weakening Touch) have been restored client-side, but remain disabled in the server as they are currently bugged. We will be creating a workaround for the issues caused by them cancelling other people’s skill casts.

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