Menma's TERA

Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.0.9 – Weekly Maintenance

Guild Changes

  • Increased Guild XP Rewards from Guild Quests by 10x.
  • Decreased amount of Guild XP required for each Guild Level by 20%.
  • Increased maximum amount of Valderon Tokens from 900 to 1500.


  • Disabled Pit of Petrax Leaderboards. :/
  • Added <Strong Canephora Potion> to <Elleon’s Mark of Valor> for 5 Elleon’s Marks.
  • Added <Moongourd Pie> to <Elleon’s Mark of Valor> for 10 Elleon’s Marks.
  • Increased channels of all open world zones.
  • Added Manaya’s Core (Solo). Accessible through the Argon Corpus/Manaya’s Core Teleportal.
  • Activated Celestial Arena.
  • Disabled custom costumes and enabled automatic optimisation in Civil Unrest: Island of Dawn.
  • Fixed an issue where required members for Civil Unrest tower was previously a minimum of 6, even though it was set to 5. Now requires at least 5 members.

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