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Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.0 – The Release

Menma’s TERA release is finally upon us, aiming to bring the game to as close to its glory days as possible. And now a word from our patch notes. Let’s goooo. Good luck to me writing the notes now.

Character Creation

  • On character creation you will be receiving Heroic Oath Gear, PvP crystals, Relic/Halidom I, accessories and a level 70 scroll.

Adventure Coins

  • Maximum Adventure Coins for TERA Club accounts increased to 5000.
  • Recharge every 3 minutes increased 25 for TERA Club accounts.

PvE Gear

  • Significantly increased enchantment success chances, lowered enchanting costs, increased enchantment advantage gain on failure and decreased damage chances.
  • The Superior and Mythic Weapons will be having their stats selectable while the rest of the PvE gear stats won’t be changeable.


  • Significantly increased upgrade success chances, lowered enchanting costs.

Bellicarium Credits Merchant

  • The Bellicarium Credits Merchant Shop has been updated to include Heroic Oath Gear, Skill Advancement Scrolls, consumables and more.

PvP Gear (Heroic Oath)

  • The Weapon cooldown reduction stats have been readjusted to give a maximum of 10% total possible CDR with a Heroic Oath Weapon.
  • Removed 10 PvP Defense stat from healers weapons.

Tikat Shop

  • All tabs and prices have been updated. Tikat will be obtainable soon.

Fraywind Canyon

  • The 2 monsters known as Teralith and Naga have had their defense significantly increased.

The Colosseum

  • The gear has been switched to equalized one.

PvP Leaderboards

  • Updated Rewards to include a <Lethal Intent Potion> for achieving rank 1 per class, per battleground.

Apex Skills

  • Adjusted to not require the quest. Can be obtained using the level 70 scroll instantly.

Balance Adjustments


  • Cyclone resets are now staggering normally like they used to do on PvP.
  • Increased PvE damage of Thunder Strike by 10%.
  • Increased PvE damage of Cyclone by 10%.
  • Increased PvE damage of Lethal Strike by 10%.


  • Increased PvE damage of Thunderbolt by 30%.
  • Increased PvE damage of Rapid Fire! by 30%.
  • Increased PvE damage of Rapid Fire by 30%.
  • Increased PvE damage of Radiant Arrow by 30%.
  • Increased PvE damage of Rain of Arrows by 30%.
  • Increased PvE damage of Wind Walk by 30%.

There’s a good chance I am forgetting stuff so come back check again regularly for changes.

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