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Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.1.5 – The Festival of the Sun

Festival of the Sun

  • The well known festival of the sun event is coming a little late in the game and will be remaining active from 1.1.5 maintenance until the end of September.
  • Daily questing to earn <Seashell> Tokens that can be used in the Shurimon NPC located in Highwatch.
  • Rewards are as follows:


Battlegrounds Elin Event

  • Duration: 7 Days (30th August 2022 after maintenance – 6th September 2022 23:59:59 UTC)
  • Shore Hold
    • Play 5 Games for <Exodor Laundry Basket x3>
    • Play 10 Games for <3,000 Tikat>
    • Play 15 Games for <Dragon Skill: Mighty Abyssal Wyvern (Permanent)>
  • Corsairs’ Stronghold
    • Play 5 Games for <Kaia’s Gear Box x5>
    • Play 8 Games for <5,000 Tikat>
    • Play 10 Games for <Exodor Laundry Basket x5>
    • Play 20 Games for <Liberation Scroll>
  • Champions’ Skyring
    • Play 5 Games for <10 Diamonds>
    • Play 15 Games for <3,000 Tikat>
    • Play 20 Games for <Dragon Skill: Mighty Solarian Wyvern (Permanent)>

Battleground Changes

  • Equalised Gear: We added new equalised gear for battlegrounds to provide a more balanced experience inside the battlegrounds.
  • Class damage values been tweaked for balancing, and it will being checked with more games being played to adjust if required for better balancing.
  • Vanguard Credits rewards have been changed so that BG vanguards give more credits per win accordingly:
    • Shore Hold: Increased vanguard credits reward for a win to 500 Credits (1000 for TERA Club).
    • Champions’ Skyring: Increased vanguard credits reward for a win to 250 Credits (500 for TERA Club).
    • Corsairs’ Stronghold: Increased vanguard credits reward for a win to 750 Credits (1500 for TERA Club).


  • Reverted the Bahaar leaderboard change of previous patch until the season ends because of an issue where leaderboard entries would not appear in the list.

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