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Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.2.1 – Jewellery And More…

Dungeon Changes

New Dungeons

The following dungeons have been added:

  • Forbidden Arena [Undying Warlord] – Item level 480.
  • Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying Warlord] – Item level 490.
  • Rampaging RK-9 Kennel – Item level 490.

Dungeons can be accessed via the Vanguard menu or from teleport scrolls in the Specialty Store.
Unique rewards covered in the gear section below.

Dungeon Adjustments

  • Ghilleglade:
    • Added Dragonwing Scales and Item XP +10% to the drop table.

Increased the drop rate of Refined Mana Essence and Mana Essence Cohesion Arcane scrolls from all sources.


  • Added 77x clear achievements + titles to the following dungeons:
    • Draakon Arena (Hard) – Avenger
    • Manaya’s Core (Hard) – Noble
    • Ruinous Manor (Hard) – Broken
  • Added the following achievements to Forbidden Arena:
    • The hagufna costume set comes from the completion of all the achievements.
    • Pulling Back the Veil:
      • Defeat Hagufna in the Forbidden Arena within 4 minutes.
    • Endless Nightmare:
      • Receive Infused Ominous Aura 30 times in the Forbidden Arena.
    • Get It Off Me!:
      • Receive Encroaching Terror 30 times in the Forbidden Arena.
    • Aren’t You Tired Yet?:
      • Defeat Hagufna in the Forbidden Arena 77 times.
      • Complete this achievement to obtain Smart Box: Hagufna’s Body Armor.
    • You Should Have Listened To Me From The Start:
      • Complete all other Forbidden Arena (Hagufna) Achievements.
    • Who’s Next?:
      • Defeat Undying Warlord in the Forbidden Arena [Undying Warlord] 50 times.
    • Forbidden Arena Is My Home:
      • Obtain by completing “Are you tired yet?” and “Who’s Next?” achievements.
      • Complete this achievement to obtain Hagufna’s Greatsword.
    • “Flight Master” achievement Interact with flying objects 50,000 times in Guardian Legion flight missions. – adjusted to 20,000 times.

Leaderboard Changes

The following dungeons will have leaderboards in the upcoming season:

  • Draakon Arena (Hard)
  • Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying Warlord]
  • Rampaging RK-9 Kennel
  • Manaya’s Core (Hard) (Last boss only)
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard) (Second and Last boss only)

Statues in Highwatch will be awarded to the #1 ranking party for Draakon Arena (Hard). Statues no longer appear outside Bahaar’s entrance.

Gear Changes

New Accessory upgrades

  • Radiant earrings can now upgrade into Agaia equivalents.

New Upgrade materials

  • Corrupted Beryl:
    • Used to upgrade Radiant Earrings.
    • Can be obtained from Forbidden Arena [Undying Warlord], Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying Warlord].

Accessory infusions

  • Earth Circlet Resizing Stone:
    • Used to infuse Agaia Circlets.
    • Can be obtained from Rampaging RK-9 Kennel.
    • Potential options reduced dramatically.
  • Wind Earring Resizing Stone:
    • Used to infuse Agaia Earrings.
    • Can be obtained from Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying Warlord].
    • Potential options reduced dramatically.

Class Changes


  • Fixed Pummel EP
  • Fixed Almighty Rampage EP
  • Fixed Brawler DPS Talyph


  • Reduced base cooldown of Windsong to 85 seconds from 90.


  • Warriors are not unable to change into [Assault Stance] while Traverse Cut buff is active.


Summer Festival Titles

  • The summer festival titles will be given away to all characters who logged in during the previous month in a later maintenance.

Harvest Festival Hall

    • The beloved Harvest Festival Hall event is here for the month of October in celebration of Halloween, and will be active from October 11th until November 11th.
    • Playing the Minigame will grant <Halloween Candy> which you can exchange with the Ellonia NPC in Highwatch.
    • Rewards are as follows:

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Battered Oath Tokens are now able to be sold directly to merchants.
  • Bespoke Exodor gear boxes are now able to be sold directly to merchants.
  • Relidom boxes are now able to be sold directly to merchants.
  • Removed Crit Resist Factor as a possible line on Battered Oath gear.
  • Divine Infusions are now able to be used with pets.
  • Increased Vanguard Quest daily cap to 32 from 16.
  • Adjusted vanguard request milestone rewards.
  • Added new rewards for daily and weekly Vanguard completions.
  • Introduced another <Premium Benefit: Menma’s Strong Multinostrum>:
    • Provides same effects as Menma’s Brave Multinostrum but replaces Bravery potion effect with Strong Canephora effects.
  • Added Ghillieglade Teleport Scrolls to Vanguard Supply.
  • Adjusted training crab resistances.
  • Refactored combat algorithms and class emulation systems to provide enhanced responsiveness and fluidity of gameplay.
  • Implemented dynamic calculation and real-time monitoring of client-server interaction to hyper-realistically emulate low-latency conditions while providing stable-stability and fast-fastyness.


  • Fixed item level of Agaia Circlet.
  • Electrum Plate crafting recipe now correctly requires Master processing.
  • Fixed achievements for reaching level 60 not applying correctly.
  • Fixed infusions not being searchable in the Brokerage.


Community Manager Notes

*These were written for 1.2 – I made some edits to reflect my thoughts as of 1.2.1. Please read these in the context of 1.2 release if something doesn’t make sense.

Hi everyone, 

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote one of these, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to speak to you all once again. The last time I wrote one of these was at the end of my first week being a CM, now we’re coming up on two months. Time really flies!

We got a lot of positive feedback about writing CM Note’s last time, so we would like to do more of these moving forward!

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize on behalf of the team for how long it’s taken to get this patch out to you guys. There are so many problems to address, some more urgent than others, and some more difficult than others.  

One of the most infamous of these problems is the gunner arcane barrage splash bug, which should have been addressed long ago but it’s taken this long to see the light. Of course, there are countless others and we will work on these issues to the best of our abilities.

If it was possible, we would have certainly expedited the release sooner rather than later. As I mentioned in my last notes, we understand there is a content drought right now in the game and we wanted to bring you content as soon as possible. 

Icha, the game is boring! There’s nothing to do! I know, we are players just like you! We all understand and feel the same pain. I am trying my best.

Hopefully from here on, especially with the help of our new developers, we can push out changes faster than ever before.

This patch lays the groundwork for future upcoming content to be expedited at a much faster rate. A lot of work was spent on making sure the loot tables made sense, the dungeons were balanced adequately, and everything was tested to the best of our capacity.

I would like to touch a bit on everything coming in the upcoming patch and my thoughts on it.

Regarding the new dungeons, people have also expressed valid concern to me that the amount of content this patch contains is inadequate, and the dungeon rotation needs an adequate amount of variety to be sustainable. We understand this as well, and hope to complete the dungeon rotation as soon as we can.

Regarding the new accessories, we did not want to follow in the footsteps of retail and introduce accessories that were almost impossible to roll perfectly, even with infinite reroll attempts. So instead, we went our own direction and created our own concept following the item exp system. 

Currently, gearing on the server is quite easy, where anyone can finish gearing a character in almost no time and all. Combined with a messy economy, this gives players little sense of achievement for their time spent playing a character. If you are not playing to parse, you pretty much have little to play for besides pure enjoyment of the dungeon content. While I personally do not mind just logging in to spend time with people, a lot of players enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing things in a mmo.

On that note, with these new accessories, we wanted to introduce something new for players to work towards. Of course, we want the grind to feel rewarding, and not too long or tedious. I’m hoping the upcoming release feels acceptable. If not, we can adjust values and add events accordingly. 

We’ve gotten feedback about how item experience systems make alting difficult, and we are taking this into consideration for how future systems can be more polished.

With how the stats of these new accessories are laid out, it’s by design to remove power from the game in exchange for amp and crit power. This is done intentionally to reduce power saturation, which is healthy for stat balancing but also an indirect buff for priests.

Regarding priests, we do hear your concerns about how it feels weaker comparatively to mystic. We gave priests a small buff to show you guys that we want to show love to priests too; but we want to do it right. There have been many ideas on how we can make the two healers competitive with each other, but picking one direction upsets another and vice versa. 

Adding power saturation reduction on top of this, and the huge stack higher priority changes we have to focus on; we simply could not give it as much love and attention as we wanted to right now. We will be watching priest balance closely in the upcoming future and hopefully coming up with a happy medium for this issue in the near future.

Regarding class changes, we also want all classes, especially the weaker ones to feel loved and viable. In an ideal world, every class is competitive. Perfect balance however is basically impossible to achieve, so we try to tune things here and there to show love where it needs to be shown. 

Unfortunately, some of the class changes and fixes we wanted to push were not ready for this patch. This is why we ended up with some class changes but not others (“Why is x class getting buffed when it is already strong!”). 

Similar to priests, with the upcoming changes to gear and dungeon rotation, it’s relatively dangerous to make overly aggressive changes to classes as we will have to rebalance it again soon anyway. 

We prefer quality of life changes for classes over direct number adjustments, since during rebalancing, classes tend to keep their quality of life changes but not necessarily their damage number increases. We will be watching classes closely, and expect many more class changes on the way.

Regarding miscellaneous changes, we’re working as we go to address common pain points with quality of life in the game. These will come as they can – there are a lot of changes we can do to make life easier, and we are going down the checklist as we can.

I’d also like to address some of my more personal ponderings.

Those of you who work closely with me know I work full time, while also spending probably 50+ hours a week driving content development efforts, addressing interpersonal and server related dramas, and a myriad of other issues that come my way. 

The other CMs and people working with me also spend an unhealthy amount of time as well to try to make this a better place.

Please understand that we are all volunteers who simply wish to make tera a better place for everyone to enjoy. We are not obligated to do any of the work that we do.

We do this work out of love for the community. We all want to create the best tera experience we can.

This section is specifically to address the people who have been particularly negative about the situation in the game, or other related things.

If you’re unhappy about how things are, please find ways to contribute positively to help make things better! Complaining incessantly about problems and being incredibly negative doesn’t really help solve anything. Instead, look for ways to get involved in helping address the problems you see instead. 

I’m happy to listen to your concerns if we can have a reasonable conversation, and I will try my best to address these concerns or help you get involved in helping us address them. However, I do not want to be your therapist about how unhappy you are about how tera is right now. 

Expressing excessive negativity towards me or the other CM’s and people trying to help is counter-productive to making things better, if anything.

We are trying our best, but there is only so much we can do. A team of volunteers should not be held to the same standard as a gaming company. We simply do not have the same amount of resources.

Regarding my vision, I would like to leave this place in a better place than when I first joined the team. I want content and changes to be positive and enjoyable to the majority population. Those of you who log on after work and school to play with your friends, lfgs, or socialize; I would like to make the games experience as enjoyable as I can for you guys. This applies to new players, and top level veteran players as well of course, but the heart and soul of the community comes from the silent majority. 

Truthfully, the loudest opinions tend to come from the most active/experienced players, but it’s important for our changes to be positive for the majority player base as well.

We all saw what happened when dungeons got balanced “around the one percent”. 

Of course, this does not mean I am disregarding competitive balance and incentives. They are very important to me as well and are the primary focus of class balance, and leaderboard related adjustments and events moving forward.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been supportive and working very hard to help us with figuring out what adjustments to make and testing. 

There have been dozens of contributors who have been giving their feedback, and contributing their valuable time to help us test and make sure everything is working okay. I can’t name you all, but you know who you are.

I’d also like to give a special shoutout to Mika, Whitebork, Ayu, and Taldek for going above and beyond in helping with the testing efforts, documentation, and adjustments. 

They have been absolutely essential to the effort and without them things would look much worse than they do now.

Until next time,


Community Manager, PvE

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