Menma's TERA

Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.4.1 – Hotfixes


  • Fixed Wintera not awarding Wintera tokens. Wintera now awards 50 tokens via vanguard quest.
  • Fixed Christmas Map Treasures to be party-wide rather than rolled for.
  • Fat Santa loot updated.



The Plexus

  • Decreased Nightmare Shandra Manaya’s HP from 50.6 billion to 47.5 billion.
  • Changed Nightmare Shandra Manaya’s spawn location to the center of the room.
  • Nightmare Shandra Manaya will not aggro until attacked.
  • Fixed issue where Nightmare Shandra Manaya would not drop aggro if people were outside the arena.

Forbidden Arena

  • Forbidden Arena and both versions of Forbidden Arena (Undying Warlord) now drop Wintera Tokens as party loot:
    • FA (Hagufna) and FA (Undying Warlord) drop 20 tokens each.
    • FA (Nightmare Undying Warlord) drops 40 tokens.



  • Corrected issue involving unintended behaviour of skill advancement on Titanic Favor.


  • Decreased attack modifier on Darklight/Kaia’s Wisdom Shurikens from 53753 to 52090.


  • Decreased attack modifier on Annihilation/Kaia’s Fury Lances from 56259 to 52884.


  • Decreased attack modifier on Annihilation/Kaia’s Fury Axes from 62352 to 58226.
  • Fixed an issue in which Bloodlust’s ‘Mock’ skill advancement was not applying the correct base cooldown of 73 seconds.
  • Bloodlust’s ‘Mock’ skill advancement no longer stacks with healer debuff.


  • Fixed Assault Stance tooltip.


  • Fixed Howling String tooltip.


Note that all changes are a WIP and subject to change as further data is gathered. 




  • Fixed Duranium gathering achievements.
  • Fixed Obsidian Essence/Normal ore essence bundle names.


  • Fixed issue involving some fishing spots being unusable.
  • Fixed issues with using rank 9 and 10 fishing rods.


  • Increased the maximum stack size of Sashimi to 100,000.
  • Kamaboko is now properly usable.



  • Dark Punk Racer boxes now give the correct costume to male Castanic characters.
  • Fixed some of the issues with new costumes crashing the client and not loading correctly.
  • Removed Highwatch quest “Ways of Highwatch Guards”.

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