Menma's TERA

Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.4.2 – Holiday Adjustments

Dungeon Adjustments

The Plexus (Hard)

  • Shandra Manaya has been reverted back to her normal size.

RK-9 Kennel (Normal Mode)

  • RK-9 will no longer aggro until attacked.

All Dungeons

  • Added Intelligence Report Left and Right parts in possible loot table
    • Replaced Essence of the Nexus II with Agaia Tokens
  • Added Sea of Honor maps in possible loot table
  • Added Naslow’s Treasure Map Left and Right parts in possible loot table
    • Adjusted loot of Hidden Wooden/Silver/Gold Crate from Naslow Treasure
    • Among updated rewards, you can obtain Agaia Tokens


Class Balance Changes


  • The base weapon attack modifier increased from 49559 to 51196.


  • Reduced Ice Lance base damage from 11032 to 8650.
  • Element Zero buff now properly applies immediately on hit of Elemental Fusion.


  • Reduced Assault Stance damage from 12% to 9.5%.
  • Increased aggro generation in Defensive Stance by 50%.


  • Increased aggro generation in Growing Fury by 25%.


  • The base weapon attack modifier increased from 58226 to 59298.


  • The base weapon attack modifier increased from 52090 to 52436.


  • Adjusted Overhand Strike skill advancement: 
    • 5% chance to increase damage by 100%. -> 50% chance to increase damage by 10%.


  • Every mount passive (1.5 and 2.0) can now only activate on boss type monsters.
  • Reduced damage variance provided by Noctenium Elixirs.


General Content Changes

  • Adjusted Kaia’s Gear Box to give a proper version of gear for each class. 
    • Physical classes will only receive Kaia Fury
    • Magical classes will only receive Kaia Wisdom

Open World

  • Added 3 training dummies to Velika Outskirts.
  • Added new NPC Liliam [Dueling Merchant] to Velika Outskirts.
    • Dueling Merchant offers Scroll of Full Resurrection, Scroll of Rapid Resurrection, and All-Purpose Potion.
      • All-Purpose potion removes buffs upon use.

Guardian Mission

  • Shadow of the Gutrends
    • Increased Dreadreaper HP by  20%.
  • Avenging Talons
    • Increased HP of Est and Ost by 30%.
    • Increased Magnuut HP by 20%.
  • Escape from Balder’s Refuge
    • Increased HP of Orcans by 25%.
    • Increased Vehemos HP by 25%.


Merchant Adjustments

Specialty Merchant

  • Added a new tab “Consumable Supplies” which now has all currently available consumables.
  • Added Manglemire Teleport Scroll in the Teleport Scroll tab.
  • Added All-Purpose Potion to the Combat Supplies tab.
  • Adjusted prices of Radiant Accessory materials in Bellicarium Shop:
    • Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Dust: 200.000 -> 50.000
    • Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Powder: 200.000 -> 50.000
    • Purified Ring Fragments: 200.000 -> 50.000
    • Purified Ornament Fragment: 200.000 -> 50.000
  • Adjusted prices of Cohesion Arcanes in Bellicarium Shop:
    • Honed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane: 1.500.000 -> 150.000
    • Annealed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane: 1.000.000 -> 100.000
  • Removed items from specialty merchant: 
    • Affinity Catalyst
    • Exodor Scout Box
    • Blightoath Medallion
    • Noctenium Infusion
  • Removed items from Vanguard reputation merchant: 
    • Caiman Stash Key
    • Superior Noctenium Refiner
  • Removed items from Merchant: 
    • Metamorphic Emblem
  • Removed items from Ace Dungeon Shop: 
    • Exodor Scout Weapon Feedstock
    • Exodor Scout Armor Feedstock


Deprecated Content Clean Up

  • Removed the following quests:
    • Collecting Cards
    • Acarum Crisis I / II
    • Saving Seeliewood I / II
    • Too Many Argons I / II
    • Neverending War Story I / II
  • Removed Card Fragments and Skill Advancement XP Tomes from all Fishing Areas.
  • Removed all open world Card Fragment drops.
  • Removed Entropy enchanting materials from dropping in the open world:
    • Scavenged Supplies,Devil’s Claws,Dragon Skull,Supreme Metal,Springy Draco Limb,Weight Pendulum,Sacred Mallet
    • Replaced with same amount of Ruby/Pearl/Rejuvenation potion/Divine Infusion
  • Removed Card Fragments from rewards for completing Exodor Quests.
    • Replaced Card Fragment rewards with 5 Emeralds.
  • Hidden Kumas Royale and Training Ground from Achievements sections for the time being.


Bug Fixes

  • Shandra Manaya costume set now displays a shadowy effect when worn.
  • Nightmare Undying Warlord costume set now displays a red effect when worn.
  • Fixed issue where the glow of Fairywing IX and X rods didn’t properly show.
  • Fixed issue where the name of the Hagufna set effect wouldnt properly display on items.
  • Fixed issue where the name and requirements for Nightmare Undying Warlord costume set would show up blank.
  • Corrected names displayed when Fairywing IX and X fishing rods were used.
  • Removed closed training ground dungeons from Whurloc in Highwatch.
  • Removed HP and MP stats from the Anniversary Scarf sold in Tikat Shop.
  • Removed RNG-related loot when opening Naslow Treasure Crates
  • Arx Umbra minimap now correctly displays the entrance of Demokron Factory
  • Lake of Tears minimap now correctly displays the entrance of Manglemire
  • Adjusted several tooltips which displayed wrong values.

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