Menma's TERA

Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.4 – Life Skilling, Class Revamps, PvE Redesign and Christmas

PVE Content Changes


Design Note

A number of dungeons in the current PVE roster, ranging from entry-level dungeons to dungeons of the highest difficulty, have been reworked to not only bring boss HP values in-line with the balancing of classes that come with Patch 1.4, but should also make content that may previously have been a burden, more enjoyable to run. Naturally, these adjustments are subject to change, so we’ll be reviewing the state of content and learning from your feedback in the coming weeks. We are also in the process of looking into reworking lower-tired dungeons and the new player experience as a whole in upcoming patches.


Event Dungeons

Manglemire has been added as a temporary event dungeon:

  • Available for Item Level 485.
  • Entries are limited to 4x per day per character.
  • Vanguard Quest Rewards:
    • Item Experience
    • Vanguard Credits
    • Vanguard Reward Box 485
    • Agaia Tokens
    • Greedhead’s Option Change Scroll [Token]
    • Golden Cryolites
    • [Battle Pass] Token: Manglemire


Dungeon Adjustments

Manaya’s Core (Hard)

  • Dungeon renamed into The Plexus (Hard).
  • Removed First and Second bosses.
  • Removed Cocoon Phase.
  • Teleportal positions adjusted accordingly.
  • Increased HP of Nightmare Shandra Manaya to 50.6 billion.
  • All associated achievements and items received updated tooltips.

Forbidden Arena Nightmare Undying Warlord (Hard)

  • Increased HP of Nightmare Undying Warlord to 53 billion.

Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)

  • Removed First and Second bosses.
  • Teleportal positions adjusted accordingly.

Demokron Factory (Hard)

  • Increased HP of Nightmare Vera & Prima to 45 billion.
  • Increased HP of Nightmare Odon to 72 billion.
  • Increased HP of Nightmare Verno to 96 billion.

Rampaging RK-9 Kennel

  • Increased HP of Rampaging RK-9 to 42 billion.
  • Pylons now spawn instantly on aggro at 100% HP.

With these changes to Rampaging RK-9, players can now pre-position by hugging the wall to reach pillar positions before aggroing the boss.

Ruinous Manor (Hard)

  • Increased HP of Nightmare Resurrected Atrocitas to 25 billion.
  • Increased HP of Nightmare Resurrected Malgarios to 31.2 billion.
  • Increased HP of Nightmare Lachelith to 30 billion.

RK-9 (Normal)

  • Adjusted RK-9’s shield to 200 mil.
  • Increased amount of Radiant Necklace materials dropped by x3.

Corrupted Skynest (Normal)

  • Decreased damage dealt by Kelsaik’s jump attack by 33%.
  • Increased amount of Radiant Ring materials dropped by x3.

Broken Prison

  • Increased amount of Radiant Earring materials dropped by x3.

Ruinous Manor (Normal)

  • Increased amount of Radiant Circlet materials dropped by x3.

Lilith’s Keep (Normal)

  • Reduced HP of Spirits of Fire spawned by Pyrepelt from 100 million to 25 million.

Dragon’s Nest (20man)

  • The instance matching menu now correctly displays when the dungeon is closed, and displays the time until it will be available to queue.

Training Ground

  • Clawrider adjusted to level 73.
  • Clawrider now spawns with 10% Endurance debuff and -12 Crit Resist debuff.
  • Updated Priest and Mystic Pylons buffs to match latest changes and adjusted buff timings to better simulate healer uptimes.
  • Fixed issue of Edict of Judgement (Priest pylon) and Thrall of Wrath (Mystic pylon) not applying properly.


  • Weekly entries have been increased to 160 (80 for non-Tera Club members) for nearly all dungeons.

It’s Christmas!

  • Residents of Forbidden Arena are feeling festive…


Leaderboard Adjustments

  • Removed titles from previous leaderboard dungeons:
    • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard)
    • Bahaar’s Sanctum
    • Corrupted Skynest (Hard)
    • Gossamer Vault
    • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
    • Pix of Petrax
  • Changed Highwatch statues from Draakon Arena (Hard) leaderboard into Forbidden Arena Undying Warlord (Hard) leaderboard.


Battle Pass Adjustments

Design Note

As we near the final few weeks of the Battle Pass (ending Sat 7th Jan 2023), core rewards from the Kaia NPC in Highwatch have been made easier to farm, through reducing the number of Hunter Fragments required to collect the Vanguard Reward, as well as removing the daily limit for each difficulty. This now means players can claim up to 4 Daily Battle Pass Vanguards (2 of each respective difficulty), on the same character, supplemented by the addition of 2 Manglemire missions.

With this, Refined/Luminous Mana Essence rewards have been slightly adjusted to reflect the aforementioned changes, alongside adjustments made to Radiant materials and the reintroduction of the Luminous Mana Essence shop.

  • Changed daily Vanguard mission from requiring 5 Menma’s Expert/Novice Hunter Fragments to 3.
  • Removed daily limit of Vanguard mission for both difficulties.
  • Adjusted Vanguard Rewards for both difficulties:
    • Daily Battle Pass Expert
      • Refined Mana Essence x100 (Previously 250).
      • Luminous Mana Essence x100 (Previously 400).
    • Daily Battle Pass Novice
      • Luminous Mana Essence x100 (Previously 200).
  • Changed [Battle Pass] Dungeon Mission Box to contain:
    • Dungeon Group Expert Mission x2 (Previously 3).
    • Expert Dungeon Mission Ticket x2.
    • Dungeon Group Novice Mission x3.
    • Novice Dungeon Mission Ticket x3 (Previously 2).
    • [Battle Pass] Mission: Manglemire x2 (Expert) (New).


PVE Class Changes

Design Note

The following class changes, namely changes to party-buff and steroid cooldowns aim to create synergy between every class, encouraging a much needed diversity in competitive party compositions, while reducing healer/tank biases. With this, all DPS classes have also been brought to the level of Reaper, reducing the discrepancy in damage across the board and allowing all players to now compete in leaderboard dungeons. There have also been a number of QoL improvements to nearly all classes, in an effort to maintain its identity while still being enjoyable. With this patch, all party compositions should be capable of syncing buffs in one way or another, with any combination of tank and healer.

As for the state of tanks, Brawler has been out-performing the likes of Lancer and Warrior Tank in the last patch, particularly due to it’s near-perfect synergy with most classes and ability to gain self-damage from consistent boss attacks. Thus, the rework to our main line-up of tanks should alleviate any concerns around party compositions in regards to synergy and party-damage.

With such significant changes comes more room for error, and so we’ll be reviewing closely how these changes impact all areas of the game and amending in the near future. Nearly all changes listed below are specifically for PVE only.



  • Piercing Gaze:
    • Increased damage from 5% per stack to 20%.
  • Harmonious Piercing Gaze:
    • Increased damage from 10% per stack to 40%.
  • Cyclic Chi:
    • Increased crit chance from 30% to 50%.
  • Impact Bomb:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 15 seconds to 13 seconds.
  • Inner Harmony:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 180 seconds to 165 seconds.
  • Fire Avalanche:
    • Reduced Chi cost from 1000 to 0.
    • Reduced base cooldown from 180 seconds to 85 seconds.
  • Focus:
    • Increased skill damage gained from 5% to 11%.
  • Smoke Bomb:
    • Can no longer i-frame Nightmare Commander Kalligar’s puddle mechanic.
    • Smoke bomb now only affects the caster and not party members.

Ninja was in a niche spot, lacking in sustain while having a very awkward burst window and offering unparalleled utility with Smoke Bomb. These changes aim to rework Ninja, replacing its party utility which no other damage-dealing class can offer with increased raw damage. Inner Harmony cooldown has been slightly reduced to properly sync with any party composition. Fire Avalanche costing Chi meant that using it over Burning Heart was actually a DPS loss and never worth doing, due to being unable to lower the Attunement cooldown with further Burning Heart casts. Now at 56s and no Chi cost, this offers mini bursts at sync intervals, without worrying about falling into the trap of a longer Attunement cast. Impact Bomb cooldown reduction will reduce awkward periods where needing to cast Burning Heart and Impact Bomb is still on cooldown. Finally, Cyclic Chi will help to increase Burning Heart and Boomerang crit rate, aiding with Ninjas sustain damage outside of burn.



  • Bloodlust:
    • Increased power gained from 29 to 60.
    • Increased damage to monsters from 10% to 20%.
    • Reduced base cooldown from 180 seconds to 73 seconds.
    • Reduced duration from 30 seconds to 24 seconds.
  • Flurry of Blows:
    • Increased base duration from 18 seconds to 32 seconds.
  • Unleash:
    • Increased base cooldown to 260 seconds.
  • Cyclone:
    • Fixed issue where players could not chain Lethal Strike after the final Cyclone reset.
    • Fixed issue where casting a chain skill between Stage 3 and Stage 4 of Cyclone would put Cyclone on CD regardless of reset.
  • ‘Cycloning’ Buff:
    • Decreased maximum stack count from 10 to 5.
    • Increased duration from 9.5 seconds to 12.5 seconds.
  • Lethal Strike:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Fixed bug where Lethal Strike would use mana instead of 2% HP on cast. Lethal Strike will now correctly use 2% HP.
  • Evasive smash:
    • Damage now applies as physical damage.
    • Physical and magical factor changed to 165% physical and 135% magical.
  • Added ‘Carving Flatten’ glyph:
    • Triples the chance to crit when attacking monsters.
    • Costs 3 glyph points.
  • Added ‘Carving Vampiric Blow’ glyph:
    • Triples the chance to crit when attacking monsters.
    • Costs 3 glyph points.

These changes aimed to increase Berserker’s damage outside of Unleash. Berserkers can now maintain 100% uptime on Flurry of Blows if played correctly, thanks to the duration increase and Bloodlust rework. Bloodlust will now have a 58 second cooldown with 24 seconds of uptime, so Berserkers will have a bit more burst at 60 second intervals outside of Unleash. The Cycloning buff was painful to drop (and quite easily so in the current roster of dungeons), so these changes aim to lessen the impact of losing these stacks. Flatten and Vampiric Blow received triple crit glyphs, making these filler skills more consistent.


Berserker Tank

  • Removed Silent rage debuff when Flurry of Blows buff expires.
    (“Flurry of Blows will not activate again for 20 sec once the effect ends.”)
  • Flurry of Blows can now Refresh itself.

And a lot more to come soon 😉



  • Adrenaline Rush:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 110 seconds to 80 seconds.
    • Decreased attack speed gained from 32% to 25% for party members.
    • Decreased skill damage gained from 15.5% to 12% for party members.
    • Decreased duration by 5 seconds.
    • Attack Speed and Skill Damage are unchanged for the Lancer.
  • Guardian Shout:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 110 seconds to 80 seconds.
    • Decreased duration from 45 seconds to 34 seconds.
  • Increased weapon attack modifier of Kaia’s Fury Lance from 44,516 to 56,259.
    • Increased weapon attack modifier of Annihilation Lances appropriately.

These changes to Lancer’s party buffs should allow all classes to sync their steroid abilities with Adrenaline Rush and Guardian Shout more comfortably, making Lancer-based party compositions able to compete in leaderboard dungeons where it previously struggled. In addition to this, Lancer’s personal damage has been buffed significantly where it was previously lacking in comparison to other tanks.



  • Windsong:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 85 to 80 seconds.
    • Windsong (Gale) now applies Strong Wind buff for 20 seconds:
    • [PvE Only] – Increases skill damage of Gust Arrow by 70% while the buff is active.
  • Sequential Fire:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Focus:
    • Increased crit power granted from 0.8 to 1.0.
  • Feign Death:
    • Feign Death no longer drops aggro or removes the caster from combat.
    • Feign Death now grants Second Breath buff which increases combat movement speed by 80 for 5 seconds upon use.

Archer’s current playstyle involves utilising unintended game mechanics in order to achieve its maximum amount of damage. This issue has been solved with a change to Feign Death’s interaction and a variety of buffs in other areas to compensate. Windsong cooldown has been reduced further to allow proper syncing with new 60 second burst intervals across all party compositions. However, this introduced another issue in which Gust Arrow’s timing was displaced. Previously, this was cast alongside dragon buffs, which now proc as Windsong comes up. The question of using Gust Arrow in or before Windsong was always a confusing game design and unintuitive, thus, using Gust Arrow in Windsong will now result in more damage, living up to it’s expected purpose.



  • Jackhammer:
    • Adjusted the debuff from 3 stacks of 4% endurance reduction to 1 stack of 12%.

Brawler is currently in a good spot and this is more a quality of life change, simplifying the opener so players do not either commit too long to Jackhammer or cancel it early at 2 stacks.



  • Blade Frenzy:
    • Increased base damage from 31,085 to 46,000.
    • Increased physical factor from 170% to 190%.
  • Blade Waltz:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 6 seconds to 5.5 seconds.
  • Scythe:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • Rain of Blows:
    • Increased base damage of both versions from 4,373 to 6,500.
  • Assault Stance:
    • Increased skill damage to monsters from 8% to 12%.

These changes should allow players to not only obtain a higher burst with Blade Frenzy’s damage increased significantly, but should also address any concerns around being cooldown locked in and outside of Deadly Gamble (particularly with higher attack speeds). In addition to this, the increase to Rain of Blows base damage will make Warrior’s gameplay less reliant on Blade Draw resets, while still being adequately rewarded when it does.


Warrior Tank

  • Traverse Cut:
    • Added a new buff: ‘One with the Sword’.
    • Triggers on each successful hit of Traverse Cut.
    • Grants 3.5% PvE skill damage to the party (does not apply to self).
    • Lasts for 40 seconds and can be refreshed by additional hits.
  • Defensive Stance:
    • Reduced PvE damage in Defensive Stance by 10%.

In an effort to make Warrior Tank more appealing to run with, the new “One with the Sword” party buff should now allow damage classes to yield higher personal damage. However, Warrior Tank’s personal damage increased significantly with the aforementioned changes to Warrior. The result of these changes made the tank stance incredibly strong, thus it’s personal damage has been reduced to compensate – a trade for higher party DPS across the board.



  • Modular Weapon System:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 90 seconds to 80 seconds.
  • Bombardment:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 100 seconds to 70 seconds.
    • Increased base damage from 27,773 to 36,000.
  • Balder’s Vengeance:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 240 seconds to 225 seconds.
    • Increased base damage from 30,346 to 34,000 (increased to 42,000 when under the effects of Modular Weapon System).
  • Obliteration:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 90 seconds to 55 seconds.
    • Increased base damage from 25,490 to 38,000.
    • Increased projectile speed slightly.
  • Arcane Barrage:
    • Increased base damage of first hit from 507 to 1,014.
    • Increased base damage of second hit from 4,653 to 5,700.
  • Remote Trigger:
    • Increased base damage of first hit from 614 to 1,228.
    • Increased base damage of second hit from 5,184 to 6,500.
  • Burst Fire:
    • Increased base damage from 191 to 230.
  • Targeted Burst Fire:
    • Increased base damage from 258 to 279.
  • Time Bomb:
    • Increased base damage of first hit from 614 to 2,500.
    • Increased base damage of second hit from 3,597 to 6,000.
  • Mana Missiles:
    •  Increased Willpower generated per missile from 20 to 34.
  • Decreased weapon attack modifier of Kaia’s Wisdom Arcannon from 56559 to 49650.
    • Decreased weapon attack modifier of Dark Light Arcannons appropriately.

Gunner has been lacking in damage, therefore the damage of skills that should have the same HPM regardless of playstyle have been buffed. The MWS cooldown reduction should help Gunner’s synergy with other buffs, and accompanying it are the cooldown reductions of Bombardment and Obliteration for QoL purposes of their use during MWS (prevents cooldowns being out of sync if used separately). The change to Obliteration’s projectile speed should, in synergy with the MM projectile number reduction, largely resolve the 15 projectile limit issue, which causes projectiles to disappear when fired after Obliteration.



  • Unsheathe:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 180 seconds to 170 seconds.
    • Increased base damage by 15%.
  • Eviscerate:
    • Increased both Powerlinked Eviscerate glyphs for Overhand Strike and Measured Slice from 25% to 60%.
  • Whirlwind:
    • Increased base damage by 10%.
  • Punishing Blow:
    • Increased base damage by 5%.
  • EP Changes:
    • Whirlwind Critical Pummel – Increased the duration from 3s to 8s.
    • Overhand Strike Force – Increased the chance to proc from 60% to 100%.
  • Decreased weapon attack modifier of Kaia’s Fury Greatsword from 59214 to 56400.
    • Decreased weapon attack modifier of Annihilation Greatswords appropriately.

These changes, to Eviscerate in particular, should reward players for maintaining higher uptimes on Eviscerate glyphs, resulting in more damage, combined with Whirlwind and Punishing Blow’s damage increases to preserve Slayer’s current playstyle. The cooldown of Unsheathe has been slightly reduced, to provide better synergy with 1.5/2.0 passives when performing at the peak of Slayer’s gameplay. The EP changes on Overhand Strike should improve its consistency during In Cold Blood, while the change to Whirlwind’s Critical Pummel provides a similar effect but to its crit rate instead.



  • Hailstorm:
    • Successful hits of Hailstorm now grant stacks of “Frozen to the Core” buff:
      • Each stack grants 1.8% cooldown reduction for all skills.
      • Stacks up to 4 times.
      • Lasts for 9 seconds and can be refreshed by additional hits.
  • Mana Boost:
    • Mana Boost (“Mysterious” Skill Advancement) now applies “Future Sight” buff:
      • Reduces cooldown of Meteor Strike and Implosion by 8%.
      • Increases Damage of Implosion by 75%.
  • Nova:
    • Increased innate crit rate from 1.1 to 2.0.
  • Void Pulse:
    • Increased Energetic Void Pulse glyph’s effects from 20% cooldown reduction to 30% cooldown reduction.
  • Arcane Pulse:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 10 seconds to 9 seconds.
  • Lightning Strike:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Fusion:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 11 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Elemental Fusion remains unchanged.
  • Decreased weapon attack modifier of Kaia’s Wisdom Disc from 55874 to 54777.
    • Decreased weapon attack modifier of Dark Light Discs appropriately.

These changes aim to fix the main issues Sorcerers had up to now which include; The class being hard cooldown locked even without extra attack speed (and as such limited skill cap), the inability to gain much damage out of (Adrenaline Rush/Traverse Cut/Bravery) attack speeds due to the hard cooldown lock, rendering Sorcerers less valuable with the aforementioned buffs, as well as some skill cooldowns not lining up well overall. The change to Implosion now enables players to use the ability on every second burst now instead of every third, and should now feel like the ultimate ability it is intended to be. Lastly, Nova’s innate crit rate has been increased, reducing damage variance when using the ability. In light of these new changes, Sorcerers should now be rewarded for playing their class properly.



  • Dreamblaze:
    • Increased Runeburst skill damage buff from 15 to 25% per stack.
  • Godsfall:
    • Increased attack speed gained from 25% to 30%.
    • Increased Twilight Waltz skill damage buff from 20% to 30%.
  • Ragnarok:
    • Increased attack speed gained from 20 to 25.
    • Increased damage of various skills:
      • Ground Bash by 25%
      • Glaive Strike by 25%
      • Twilight Waltz by 20%
      • Gungnir’s Bite by 5%
  • Titansbane:
    • Decreased base cooldown from 360 seconds to 335 seconds.
    • Skill Advancement “Sheen”:
      • Removed party damage buffs from Arun’s Wail and Shara’s Scream.
      • Casting Titansbane now grants “Bloody Eclipse” buff for 32s.
      • Bloody Eclipse increases skill damage of following skills while Ragnarok is active:
        • Ground Bash and Glaive Strike by 10%.
        • Runeburst by 50%
    • Skill Advancement “Focus”:
      • Increases skill damage of Titansbane by 60%.
      • No longer generates Ragnarok points.
  • Shining Crescent:
    • Increased Ragnarok points generated when using the Velocity Skill Advancement from 25 to 40 per hit.
  • Glyph changes:
    • Powerlinked Windslash increased damage from 25% to 100%.
    • Bloodflower Powerlink increased damage from 25% to 50%.

  • Increased weapon attack modifier of Kaia’s Fury Runeglaive from 63403 to 65738.
    • Increased weapon attack modifier of Annihilation Runeglaives appropriately.

Valkyrie has been revamped with significant changes to the Titansbane Skill Advancements. As a result of the ability going against our goal of synchronising DPS utility and buffs, the Focus Skill Advancement has been reworked into making Titansbane a high damage skill. On the other hand, the Sheen Skill Advancement has been reworked with the idea of adding more variety into Valkyrie gameplay by promoting the usage of Runeburst during Ragnarok as long as the “Bloody Eclipse” buff is active. When pairing these changes with the increased damage and attack speed, Valkyrie should be back on par with the stronger classes.



  • Enabled Velocity and Downfall skill advancements.
  • Thrall of Wrath:
    • Increased base cooldown from 300 seconds to 360 seconds.
    • Increased effect from +0.6 to +0.71 Crit Power.
    • Reduced attack damage by 66%.
    • Greatly increased defence.
  • Thrall of Vengeance:
    • Increased effect from +15 Power to +24 Power.
  • Aura of the Merciless:
    • Changed effect of Titanic Fury from +120% critical factor to +40 critical factor and +0.19 Crit Power.
  • Contagion:
    • Reduced base cooldown from 120 seconds to 89 seconds.
    • Decreased base duration from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Decreased effect from 5% endurance reduction to 4%. 
    • Decreased Lingering Contagion Glyph effect from 30% increased duration to 20%.
  • Boomerang Pulse:
    • Doubled innate crit value of all versions.
  • Arunic Release:
    • Increased healing over time effect by 250%.
  • Arun’s Vitae:
    • Increased healing over time effect by 250%.

Our goal with these changes is to implement a fair and enjoyable playstyle to Mystic, that will reward those who are more support-oriented and damage-oriented equally. Thrall of Wrath’s damage has been reduced in order to introduce a higher skill cap to Mystic. Thrall of Wrath has also been given enough defence to make it practically invulnerable. Additionally, Mystic’s strongest ability, Arunic Release now wonderfully excels in healing, mana regen, and damage. Boomerang Pulse will now have double its crit rate on both damage and healing, making it easier for support-oriented players to keep themselves and their party alive, while providing a significant damage boost for those who choose to maximise their damage on Mystic. Finally, Mystic’s party buffs have been increased, which should lessen the discrepancy in party damage between it and its counterpart, Priest.



  • Enabled Velocity and Weakening Touch skill advancements.
  • Longshot Mana Charge (Divine Charge) Glyph:
    • Increased range from 50% to 100%.
  • Blessing of Shakan Advancement:
    • Changed effect from 36% Base Crit to +20 Crit.

Priest has been in an amazing spot recently, and therefore wasn’t in need of much this patch. We wanted to shift away from giving a percentage of base crit on both healer buffs and give a flat number instead, which should benefit most classes as an overall increase in crit. With Velocity being enabled again and Divine Charge range slightly increased, both healers will be able to adequately heal and buff without any issues.


Raid-Wide Buffs

A number of party buffs have now been made to work raid-wide:

  • Thunderstrikes (Mystic).
  • Resonance (Brawler).
  • Traverse Cut (Warrior Tank).
  • One with the Sword (Warrior Tank).
  • Adrenaline Rush does not overwrite Traverse Cut anymore.


Recommended Glyphs

Reworked “Recommended Glyphs” function in glyph page UI to give more accurate PvE base glyph set-ups for all classes.


1.5 and 2.0 Mount Passives

Increased proc chance of every mount passive from 10% to 90% chance per crit hit. 2.0 no longer overwrites 1.5 anymore, they queue.

Changes on “2.0” Mount Passives:

  • Decreased effect from 2.0 to 1.0 Crit Power.
  • Increased duration from 6s to 14s.

Effects now “queue” up on proc instead of popping and overwriting each other.

  • Affects: 
    • Dragon Power, Ancient Dragon Power.
    • Flaming Aura, Blazing Aura.
    • Morphic Talon, Phantasmic Talon.
    • Cursed Howl, Destiny’s Howl.
    • Prophecy, Revelation.
    • Stormrage, Frostbane.
    • Power of Flight, Ancient Free Flight.
    • Dinopower!, Mega-Dinopower!


General Content

World Bosses

  • Added a Jewel Beetle World Boss named Legia in the Valley of Titans area in Arcadia.
  • Loot consists of lower grade item XP boost, but treasury box rewards you with:
    • 100 Rubies.
    • 50 Sapphires.
    • 50% chance for 25 to 50 Emeralds.
    • 50% chance for 5 to 10 Diamonds. 
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze chests will reward you with small amounts of emeralds (up to 16) and sapphires (up to 32) alongside with a small item XP boost.



  • Increased HP of Sabranak, Frygaras and Anasha from 5 billion to 10 billion.



  • Increased the duration of gathering one node to 20 seconds.
  • Nodes now give additional rewards.
    • Added Water Lily as a guaranteed item from gathering.
    • Added Gathering Bags as an RNG item from gathering.
    • Added [Dimension] Hydrangea Teleport Scroll as an RNG item from gathering.
  • Added a new area named Hydrangea.
    • Added an NPC named Teechand that sells Crafting Tomes (levels your Profession to Master) and Gathering Manuals (increases Mining/Plants/Energy level to Max) for Gold.
    • Added an NPC named Varraz, that will give you Gathering Tools, Mounts, and Elinu’s Floral Veil in exchange for Gatherables and Water Lilies.


Seren’s Garden

  • Added a new Gathering Zone, with more condensed nodes and no mobs.
    • Can be accessed in Hydrangea through the Seren’s Garden teleportal.
    • Requires 1 Elinu’s Floral Veil to enter, which can be bought from Varraz once per day.
    • One account-wide entry per day.



  • Fishing is now enabled in all Fisheries.
  • Decreased inventory limit from 60 to 50 on all baits.
  • Decreased inventory limit from 300 to 100 on all Worm Baits.
    • Worm Baits now apply a buff that lowers your auto-fishing cooldown by a specific amount.
  • Worm Baits are now usable in Exodor Fisheries.
  • Adjusted Fishing Rod upgrade costs.
  • Adjusted Fairywing Fishing Rod active buffs.
  • Added new Fairywing Fishing Rods IX and X.
  • Big-Ass Fish can now be Auto-Fished.
  • Changed the names of Fish Filets and Kirash Filets to Sashimi and Nigiri.
  • Fish are now dismantlable into various types of filets used in Cooking.
  • Unlocked NPC in Highwatch that can teleport you to fisheries. 
    • No longer requires you to have completed the questline.
    • Added teleport options to Exodor Fisheries.
  • Added additional teleport options in Exodor to teleport to any fishery for a small fee.


General Crafting Update

  • Added Luxury Craft Kits to Crafting Merchants.
  • Increased the Crafting Skill on all Professions to 1,200.


Alchemy Update

  • Merged individual Reagents into Additive Powder.
  • Diamonds will now give 25 skill per craft and require Luxury Craft Kits.
  • Removed Evolution Cores and added them to the Specialty Store.
  • Adjusted Promotion Tests to suit the increase of Crafting Skill.


Smelting Update

  • Removed all Duranium craft items, as they have no use.
  • Removed Gathering Tools as they cannot be crafted.
  • Added Fairywing Rod I to the list of craftable items.
  • Adjusted the amount of skill needed to craft Fishing Crates.
  • Adjusted Promotion Tests to suit the increase of Crafting Skill.


Processing Update

  • Removed all Duranium craft items, as they have no use.
  • Removed Sharp and Hard Black Core Shards.
  • Adjusted the amount of skill needed to craft Angler’s Whiskers.
  • Adjusted the amount of skill needed to craft Bait.
  • Adjusted Promotion Tests to suit the increase of Crafting Skill.


Etching Update

  • Removed all Refined Stone craft items, as they have no use.
  • Adjusted the amount of skill needed to craft Harmonious Imbalance, Etching Grit/Sand/Dust/Power II, III, IV.
  • Adjusted Promotion Tests to suit the increase of Crafting Skill.


Cooking Update

  • Adjusted the effects of Fish Salad, Seafood Mushroom Salad, Pickled Veridia Root, and Moongourd Pie.
  • Added new Cooking items: Kamaboko, Taiyaki, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Fruit Salad, Apple Pie, and Cobseed Pie.
  • Changed the amount of skill needed to craft Fruit Wine, Lien’s Dark Root Beer, and Apple Moon Smoothie.
  • Adjusted Promotion Tests to suit the increase of Crafting Skill.


New Profession: Tailoring

  • Introduced a new profession called Tailoring that will craft Cosmetics from Tools.
  • Tools can be crafted using materials found from Gathering.
  • Added a new Additive called Fluffy Fiber, which comes from dismantling Costumes and exchanging Meruma’s Deluxe Fashion Shop Coins.
  • Every craft will produce an untradable version of that specific cosmetic, unless crit upon or used alongside a Fluffy Fiber.



  • Opened Exodor Teleport NPC in Highwatch.
  • Exodor no longer requires you to have completed a questline to fly.
    • You still need to use Azart Elixir to access Jump Pads.
  • Exodor Reliquary Station will now correctly load, without having completed the questline.
    • You are still required to at least be on the first step of “Kaia’s Anvil” quest (Talk to Yunari).
  • Added an option to teleport to Northern and Southern Outskirts of Exodor to all main-island teleportals.
  • Added an option to teleport to all Exodor fisheries to Exodor Reliquary Station teleportal.
  • Unlocked Exodor Justicar, Free Exodor reputations.
    • Added a repeatable quest for Exodor Justicar.
    • Added a repeatable quest for Free Exodor.



Christmas General

  • Enabled a Christmas-Inspired UI theme.
    • To disable, Settings > UI Settings > UI Customization > Hide UI Decoration.
  • Enabled Santa Candles.


Wintera Snowfield

  • Enabled Battleground Matching for Wintera.
    • Added new RNG Buffs to Wintera.
  • Added a Vanguard to Wintera.
  • Winning a game of Wintera will give you 20 Wintera Tokens, losing will give 10.
  • Added an NPC in Highwatch named Jingles. 
    • Jingles will give you rewards for your Wintera Tokens. 
    • This shop includes seasonal Christmas Themed items, as pictured below.
    • Other rewards can be viewed in-game.


Christmas Maps

  • Introduced Christmas Maps that will give special Event rewards. You can buy them from Jingles or acquire them as an RNG drop from Dungeons.
    • Mount Tyrannas.
    • Howling Glacier.
    • Scorched Snowfield.


Event Achievements

  • Adjusted the amount of Wins needed in Wintera to complete Achievements:
    • “Winter’s Savior” – Won 5 snowball fights in the Wintera Snowfield.
    • “Unique Snowflake” – Won 10 snowball fights in the Wintera Snowfield.
    • “Accumulated Flurries” – Won 20 snowball fights in the Wintera Snowfield.
    • “Snowstorm Warning” – Won 30 snowball fights in the Wintera Snowfield.
    • “The Next Ice Age” – Won 50 snowball fights in the Wintera Snowfield.
  • New Achievement: Christmas is Around the Corner:
    • Speak with Jingles in Highwatch during Menma’s Winter Event 2022.
    • Reward Title: It’s Cold!
  • New Achievement: Let It Snow!
    • Use [Event] Christmas Map [Mount Tyrannas] 10 times.
    • Reward Title: Jolly
  • New Achievement: Frost Come, Frost Served:
    • Use [Event] Christmas Map [Howling Glacier] 10 times.
    • Reward Title: White
  • New Achievement: Flake It Till You Make It!
    • Use [Event] Christmas Map [Scorched Snowfield] 10 times.
    • Reward Title: Chill


New Items

Tanning Voucher

  • Added 350+ Skin Tones to every race (through char creation/voucher).
    • Over 350+ skin colours for every race!
    • Obtainable through Events or Tikat Shop.


Exodor Fishery Teleportal Scrolls

  • Added Exodor Fishery teleport scrolls which can be bought at the Cooking NPC in Highwatch or Velika.



  • Removed invisible achievements which were unobtainable from “For the Federation” section.
  • Added achievements for reaching level 100/650/Master in Tailoring.
  • Corrected tooltips of achievements in Forbidden Arena (Nightmare Undying Warlord).
  • Corrected Sky Cruiser (Hard) Achievements which were not counted correctly towards laurel.
  • Enabled Manglemire Achievements.
  • Added Guardian Legion box needed for “I got a box!” achievement to the Guardian Legion reputation shop in Velika (Mia).


New Achievements

  • Are We Alone Here?
    • Discover an Abandoned Book in Highwatch.
  • A World Beyond Ours
    • Discover an Abandoned Book in Hydrangea.
  • Visit Hydrangea
    • Visit Hydrangea and speak to Dakur.
  • Could’ve Made a Joke, but Na
    • Catch 1,000 fish.
    • Reward Title: Salty
  • Women Want Me
    • Catch 20 of each type of BAF (total BAF = 300).
    • Reward Title: Fish Fear Me
  • Everyone Loves Clowns!
    • Defeated Manglemore in Manglemire 77 times.
    • Reward Title: Clown


New Achievements in Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying Warlord]

  • Unforgettable
    • Defeat Nightmare Undying War God 77 times in the Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying War God].
    • Reward Title: Infamous
  • Hold on For a Second…
    • Get hit by Nightmare Undying War God’s stun 20 times.
    • Reward : Nightmare Undying Warlord’s Mask
  • Are We Done Here?
    • Defeat the Nightmare Undying War God within 5 minutes in Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying War God].
    • Reward: Nightmare Undying Warlord’s Powerfists
  • Wings of Fire
    • Complete the achievements listed below:
      • Unforgettable
      • Worthy Opponent
      • You can’t kill me!
      • Shoot…
    • Reward : Smart Box: Nightmare Undying Warlord’s Body Armor


New Achievements in The Plexus (Hard)

  • She Should’ve Stayed In 2012
    • Defeat Nightmare Shandra Manaya in The Plexus (Hard) without dying once.
    • Reward: Argon Helmet
  • I Can Last Longer
    • Defeat Nightmare Shandra Manaya in The Plexus (Hard) within 5 minutes.
    • Reward: Argon Horns
  • Baker’s Dozen
    • Defeat Nightmare Shandra Manaya in The Plexus (Hard) 50 times.
    • Reward: Argon Queen’s Wings
  • I’ll Need A Therapist After This
    • Receive Greedy Thought, Hateful Thought and Desperate Thought 10 times in The Plexus (Hard).
    • Reward: Smart Box: Shandra Manaya Weapon
  • Sayonara, Manaya!
    • Complete the achievements listed below:
      • Advisor to the Queen
      • She Should’ve Stayed In 2012
      • I Can Last Longer
      • Baker’s Dozen
      • I’ll Need A Therapist After This
    • Reward: Smart Box: Shandra Manaya’s Armor


New Faces

  • Added NEW faces for Human Female:
    • Face 3
  • Added NEW faces for Castanic Female:
    • Face 2
  • Added NEW faces for Elin:
    • Face 1
  • Added 8 NEW faces for Elin:
    • Face 10

(Credits: Vex/Lil Nya~*✧⋆#2420)


Quality of Life

  • Added Bank and Guild Bank to Shunin NPC in Velika Outskirts.
  • Reopened Luminous Mana Essence Shop.
    • Adjusted prices of Luminous Mana Essence shop slightly.
  • Replaced Time-limited mounts in Tikat Shop with permanent versions.
  • Adjusted placement of Companion items in the Tikat Shop.
  • Luminous Superior Relic/Halidom Boxes are now bankable.
  • Combining any pets will give you +6 fellowship, regardless of grade.
  • Removed quest completion requirement for using teleportal in Exodor Reliquary Station.
  • Removed Requirement of having completed Exodor Quest to unlock Exodor Reputations (though they have no quests for now).



  • Removed global notifications from Annihilation, Darklight and Kaia’s enchantments.
  • Removed global notifications from 100% Partner Box.
  • Removed global notifications from Innerwear boxes.
    • Only notification that remains is acquiring 0.12 crit power innerwear.
  • Removed NPCs Beryl and Woods from Highwatch and Velika.
  • Removed Card Fragments in Exodor Reputation Shops.
  • Removed Refined Duranium, Dark Shard (Weapon and Armor) and Skill optimization scrolls from Exodor Reputation Shops.
  • Removed Glyphs from Ace Medal Shop.
  • Removed Ethereal materials in Bellicarium Shop.
  • Removed PvP Underwears from Bellicarium shop.
  • Removed Etchings and Glyph boxes from Pilot token.
  • Removed Skill Advancement XP item (minion, mob, boss) from field drops.
  • Removed Duranium gear drops from Monsters in Exodor.
  • Removed Exodor Scout Weapon and Armor feedstock from dropping.
  • Removed Exodor Scout Weapon and Armor feedstocks from Guardian Reputation Shop.
  • Removed Glyphs from Guardian Reputation Shop.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Karas Box not being rewarded through 496 Vanguard Box.
  • Fixed Dragon’s Nest rewarding 485 Vanguard Box instead of 472/481.
  • Adjusted Broken Prison character level requirement to 70, instead of 68.
  • Fixed bug where HP of world bosses doesn’t show properly.
  • Fixed bug where Tera Club mount was shown as newly obtained on login and zone changes.
  • Fixed bug where certain skill advancements show that they require money, but money isnt needed for them to be unlocked.
  • Adjusted various item tooltips.
  • Final bosses of Ruinous Manor (Normal, Hard), Lilith’s Keep and Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard) will no longer occasionally de-enrage and dis-engage.


Boss pets… coming soon.

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December 14, 2022
Thank you guys for developing our favorite Tera online. It pleases. If only the dungeon Kelivan's ship would be returned

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