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Patch Notes – Menma’s TERA 1.5 – Boss Partners, General Content, and more…

The last year has been a blast, and we as a team have come a long way from when we first started working on this project. We’ve learnt a ton, largely in part to your constructive feedback and efforts from the community. We’re now looking into taking things to the next level in the coming year. This small patch wraps up a number of events, and it also wraps up a few projects started in the previous year including changes to the Island of Dawn and the boss pet system.

More detail will come in the future as things are ironed out, but our plans for the upcoming year include:

  • Creating a new gear set, alongside a new roster of dungeons,
  • Tidying up existing systems and providing a more streamlined experience for both new and returning players,
  • Creating additional gameplay loops and systems of progression.

While previous patches have been rich in the amount of changes made, there are still a few core issues we’re looking to address. Systems like tailoring and the battle pass event (which we’ll be bringing back for sure) have been well received and we’re looking to add more content like this, however ultimately previous patches have been largely focused on maintenance rather than growth. Ultimately our goal is to grow TERA and make it the best it could be, so we ask for your continued patience and feedback while we work on making exciting new content.

Content Lead – PvE

Note that we also have some dungeon fixes and class adjustments planned, but based on previous feedback we are waiting until the current leaderboard season ends to make any adjustments.


Dungeon Adjustments

Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Improved visual indicator of Darkan’s claw and bomb mechanic.
Training Ground (Clawrider)
  • Can now be entered as a party.
Dungeons below level 65
  • Dungeon cooldown now starts instantly when entering Bastion of Lok, Sinestral Manor, Cultist’s Refuge, Akasha’s Hideout, Saleron’s Sky Garden, Labyrinth of Terror, Golden Labyrinth, Ebon Tower, Saravash’s Ascent, Necromancer Tomb and Kelsaik’s Nest.


Class Changes

  • Addressed bug where Fire Avalanche sometimes still had 180s cooldown.
  • Removed aggro generation from Unsheathe.


New Boss Companions

Boss monster companions are now available as extremely rare drops from dungeons! 

  • Killing any boss monster will now occasionally drop pet boxes for the entire party, which can be opened for a rare chance of obtaining the pet.
  • Hard mode dungeons will drop boxes more often than normal mode equivalents.
  • Companions will drop as standard power companions. Players may use Companion Appearance Change Vouchers to reskin existing amplification pets if desired.
  • Boss Partners can only obtain the highest levels of their Gifted Skills.

Note that pet drop rates are by no means final. Our initial rates are conservative by design and we will continue to monitor this over time and make adjustments as necessary. We are also discussing avenues for pity mechanics and adding further pet chances/skins to leaderboard rewards, which may be part of a larger rework to leaderboards and rankings in the future. 


General Content Changes

  • Slightly lowered Guild EXP gained from Kill Boss Monsters Quest. 
  • Adjusted monsters needed for quest Hunting from 300 to 500.
  • Tithus’s Prestige skill which increases the Movement Speed of guild members while riding a mount has been removed and replaced with Seren’s Dream:
    • Decreases gathering time of guild members.
  • Increased chance for [Backup Fisherman I/II/III] to activate to 5%.
Exodor Fishing
  • Exodor Fish now rewards Angler’s Tokens when successfully catching a fish.
Achievement Season
  • Achievement Season 2 is coming to an end and Season 3 is about to start!
New Achievements
  • I Made So Many Friends!
    • Joined 1000 parties.
    • Title: Popular
  • Social Butterfly
    • Made 1000 parties.
    • Title: Extrovert
  • I Did It! Did You See?
    • Cleared 50 dungeons with groups made via Instance Matching.
  • Hello, Do You Need Help?
    • Cleared 100 dungeons with groups made via Instance Matching.


Island of Dawn

A weird occurrence is happening on Island of Dawn. The Valkyon Federation will soon send their best members to uncover the mystery behind the Darkness making its way to Arborea.

  • Island of Dawn monsters are now stronger:
    • Island of Dawn is now a 70-74 level area.
    • Adjusted levels and stats of BAMs.
    • New BAM [Devoted Karascha] started appearing in Tainted Gorge.
  • New Reputation [Dawn Research] and [Island of Dawn Initiative] was added.
  • New Dawn Token Merchant appeared in Island of Dawn Dock.
    • You can obtain new 330 mounts – [Dawn Lupus Noctus] and [Dawn Mare]
  • Island of Dawn BAM Vanguard Missions are now non-repeatable, and can only be completed once per day.
    • Level and Item Level required for Island of Dawn Vanguard missions has been adjusted.
    • Kill requirement of Vanguard missions increased to 20 BAMs from 10.
  • Added a new NPC to Island of Dawn Dock, offering a repeatable quest to kill Devoted Karascha in Tainted Gorge.
    • To accept this quest you have to first complete the quest “Making Friends or Enemies?” which can be obtained from the Drill Instructor in Island of Dawn.
    • A party is recommended for this quest.
  • Dawn Tokens can be exchanged at the NPC Tabby for rewards.
New Achievements

Added New section of Achievements for Island of Dawn Encounters and Exploration.

  • Go back where you came from!
    • Kill 100 Devoted Karaschas in Tainted Gorge.
    • Title: Maniac
  • Where Is The Pretty Tree?
  • Completed “Making Friends or Enemies?” quest.
  • Old Faces, Strange Places
    • Hunted 100 each of Brutal Basilisk, Brutal Orisk and Brutal Ovolith.
    • Title: Brutal
  • Patient Records
    • Hunted 100 each of Brutal Bloodbound Teralith, Brutal Fimbrilisk and Brutal Searing Fangspawn.
    • Title: Bleeding
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    • Hunted 100 each of Brutal Naga Battlemaster, Brutal Iron Giant and Brutal Onyx Hydrath.
    • Title: Corrupted
  • Here I am
    • Complete the achievements listed below :
    • Go Back Where You Came From!
    • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
      • Rewards you with a special [Dawn Carmine] mount with a speed of 300! This Mount cannot be sold or traded.
      • Title: My Body Is Ready


Merchant Adjustments

Magic Merchant
  • Added Empty Chests which can be combined with Agaia upgrade materials to make them tradeable.
    • Empty Refined Mana Essence Chest (100x per box)
    • Empty Veil’s Flame Chest (15x per box)
    • Empty Metallic Scale Chest (15x per box)
    • Empty Corrupted Beryl Chest (15x per box)
    • Empty Ruined Medallion Chest (15x per box)
Mystery Merchant
  • Removed Gathering Pet Care and Use of Your Pet Fetch from Mystery Merchants.
Hydrangea Merchant
  • You can find new gathering pets – Gemfly – in the Monarch Collection of Varrez’s shop in Hydrangea.
  • Companions are standard power companions. Players may use Companion Appearance Change Vouchers to reskin existing amplification pets if desired.
    • Varrez sells Gemflies without a Gathering ability for 15,000 Water Lilies and Gemflies with a Gathering ability for 30,000 Water Lilies.


PvP Changes

  • Point distribution inside of the Civil Unrest area has been adjusted.
  • Wintera battleground closes its doors as the event ends.



  • Increased maximum stack of Elleon’s Mark of Valor 99,999 from 10,000.
  • Increased maximum stack of Water Lily to 99,999 from 10,000.
  • Small and Tall Body (1hour) from Specialty Merchant no longer disappear when entering combat.
  • Added a “Whisper” option when clicking on a player.
New Eyes
  • Elin
    • Face 8 (Zolyn)
    • Face 11 (Golden)
    • Face 7 (Killian)
  • Popori
    • Face 7 (Blue)
  • High Elf Male
    • Face 11 (Blue,Purple-Green Shaded)
  • Amani
    • Face 3 (Deep Purple)
  • Castanic Female
    • Face 1 (Arcdeva)
  • Human Female
    • Face 4 (Red, Light Blue)



  • Enabled the Bleakrock Icefishing Festival.
  • Special event Icefish can be caught at the Celsian Lake Fishery in Bleakrock using an Icespike Rod and Icefish Bait.
  • Added an NPC in Highwatch named Mr. Wiggles.
    •  Mr. Wiggles can teleport you to the Celsian Lake Fishery and sell special Event Supplies and Rewards in exchange for your Icefish.
  • Added an NPC in Celsian Lake Fishery named Mr. Jiggles.
    • Mr. Jiggles can sell special Event Supplies and Rewards in exchange for your Icefish.
  • 1 Icefish Bait is required to fish 1 Icefish using an Icespike Rod.
    • You can only catch Icefish in the Celsian Lake Fishery.
    • You can only buy an Icespike Rod and Icefish Bait using Angler’s Tokens.
    • You will receive 1 Icefish and 5 Angler Tokens per catch using the Icespike Rod.
  • A full list of Rewards can be seen In-Game by accessing Mr. Jiggles’ or Mr. Wiggles’ shop. Have fun Fishing!


Deprecated Content

  • Removed old materials dropping from BAMs in Island of Dawn.
  • Removed Costume Dye tab from Vanguard Reputation Shop.
  • Removed Caiman Stash dropping from Caiman in Island of Dawn.
  • Removed Crystal Merchant NPC from Island of Dawn.
  • Removed Glyph tokens from Island of Dawn Vanguard tokens.
  • Removed Underdawn Token, Dawnfall Token and Dawnstorm Token from Island of Dawn Vanguard Missions.
  • Removed Battle Pass Vanguard Mission and Tokens from Vanguard.
  • Removed Christmas maps from possible dungeon drops.
  • Removed Argog’s Weapon Template Box from Mystery Merchants and replaced it with a Argog Weapon Skin Box.


Bug Fixes

  • Removed the Card Collection menu option from Profile in Main Menu.
  • Removed “See Collection” button when clicking on a player.
  • Fixed issue where Smart Box: Halloween Minigame Steward Outfit (Untradeable) is not usable by Human Male/Female and High Elf Male characters.
  • Adjusted incorrect name of shape changers available in Specialty Store.
  • Corrected issue of Naslows not displaying time-limit properly. 
  • Corrected issue of Naslows not needing to be combined and instead dismantled to obtain Naslow Treasure Maps.
  • Corrected issue of Naslows only giving one type of Naslow map instead of a randomized map.
  • Fixed issue where tooltip of The Plexus (Hard) achievement had wrong number of clears required.
  • Fixed issue where costume effect tooltip on Undying Warlord costume shows twice.
  • Fixed issue where Vogzu double spawned on top of each other in Free Exodor Base.

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