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[Patch Notes] Menma’s TERA 1.7.1: PvE Adjustments

Adventurers, a new patch is coming!

PvP Overview

We’re aware of and have been listening closely to the community’s concerns centered around the overall state of PvP balancing. As stated before, we’re going to be doing continual changes over a long period. Our immediate goal was to foster the community back to life to get games popping and make the content playable before sinking our teeth deep into balancing. We’re aware that our work has just begun, and we understand that we’re nowhere near ready to relax yet. We will continue making changes to PvP often to ensure we get closer to the state we all want PvP to be in, one step at a time. Thank you to those who have given us your assistance: your feedback, support and time are all greatly appreciated. We will continue to do our best to serve you.

PvE Overview

This patch contains some changes to The Plexus (Hard), which is something that many of you expressed negative feelings towards. On the Discord, we spoke about implementing a form of “off-season” where we can make class changes more freely, without being worried about ensuring the competitive viability of that season is unharmed. The majority of the changes in this patch are balance changes: tying up loose ends while we implement the community’s feedback surrounding Mystic. As always, we’ll be keeping a close eye on these classes as we always have. We have expected performance metrics, and every class is intended to be as close to our metrics as possible. We’ll tweak classes as necessary until we’re happy with the results.

─ Hail (Community Manager)

Dungeon Changes

The Plexus (Hard)

Design Note: We’ve been listening to your concerns recently regarding The Plexus (Hard), and its enjoyment (or lack thereof). A common point of contention was that the fight was simply dragged out to the point of not being enjoyable, with a single mistake during the stand mechanic or an unfortunate attack pattern in the last 8% ruining the taste of an otherwise decent fight. These changes should alleviate some of the concerns that have been brought up, and we hope it makes The Plexus (Hard) a more enjoyable experience again. To those concerned that we’re making the “penultimate hard content” too easy, don’t worry, we’ve got some hard content in the pipeline for you. Stay tuned!

  • Reworked Nightmare Shandra Manaya’s AI, which should improve the flow of the fight.
  • Reduced Nightmare Shandra Manaya’s HP to 55B (was 71B).
  • Changed the wipe timer to 7:00.
  • Moved the fast kill achievement to 5:00.

Removed Dungeons

The following dungeons have closed their doors:

  • Manglemire


Class Changes

All Classes

  • All mount crit power passives now only trigger within 55 seconds after any of the following skills are cast:
    • Archer’s Windsong
    • Berserker’s Bloodlust and Unleash
    • Brawler’s Rhythmic Blows
    • Gunner’s Modular Weapon System
    • Lancer’s Adrenaline Rush
    • Mystic’s Thrall of Wrath
    • Ninja’s Inner Harmony or Fire Avalanche
    • Priest’s Edict of Judgment
    • Reaper’s Shadow Reaping
    • Slayer’s In Cold Blood
    • Sorcerer’s Mana Boost
    • Valkyrie’s Godsfall or Ragnarok
    • Warrior’s Deadly Gamble


  • Increased Bow’s Attack Modifier to 65,620 (was 64,507).
  • Fixed Windsong’s tooltip to state it gives 10% Movement Speed.
    • Previously it stated 10% Attack Speed which was not true.


Design Note: While we’re quite happy with the state of Brawler, it requires some tweaks, most notably with Brawler DPS. When adding up Counter’s block absorption, Roundhouse Kick’s Glyph of Grounding and the raw endurance that Brawler carries over as a tank, the survivability proved to be far too strong with the amount of raw damage the class could deal. The changes made in this patch will bring the class closer in line to Berserker as a damage dealer, where you can and should block, but you aren’t just a tank hitting the boss from behind. It’s not all bad for Brawler players though, as we’ve squeezed in some quality-of-life changes which will improve multiple aspects of Brawler’s play. Mounting Rage applying the Glyph of Swift from Punch will improve Brawler’s opening phase; reducing the RNG involved in using Punch until the glyph activates. Additionally, the changes to Counter’s Glyph of Powerlink will greatly improve damage consistency related to the glyph at the cost of reducing damage potential. Last but not least, we’ll continue keeping an eye on how this class performs with these changes and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Counter
    • While Growing Fury (Irregular) is active, the maximum damage that can be blocked is reduced to 53,015.
    • Glyph of Powerlink now has a 100% chance to apply the following buff:
      • Tank: Increases all skill damage by 17.5% for 6 seconds.
      • DPS: Increases all skill damage by 5% for 18 seconds.
        • The previous effect had a 60% chance to increase all skill damage by 25% for 6 seconds.
  • Divine Wrath
    • [PvP] Can no longer be used in Corsairs’ Stronghold (15v15).
  • Roundhouse Kick
    • Glyph of Grounding no longer activates while Growing Fury (Irregular) is active.
  • Growing Fury (Irregular)
    • While active, reduces Endurance by 90.
  • Mounting Rage
    • Now triggers Glyph of Swift when cast.


Design Note: It’s no secret that Gunners have been struggling to utilize the additional Cooldown Reduction provided by Lancer’s recent rework. This is in large part due to Gunner’s skills having a fixed attack speed. These changes will help alleviate some of Gunner player’s main concerns while playing with a Lancer.

  • Changed the CDR/DMG breakdown when affected by a Lancer’s Adrenaline Rush:
    • Reduced Final Cooldown Reduction to 7.5% (was 15%).
    • Increased skill damage by an additional 9.5%.
      • Note that this skill damage increase stacks with the change to Adrenaline Rush made this patch, for a grand total of 24% increased skill damage.


Design Note: We’ve been keeping a close eye on Lancer with both its personal performance and how it affects party damage. Unfortunately, it has been underperforming our expectations especially compared to Brawler. These changes will help bring the class closer to our design metrics.

  • Adrenaline Rush
    • Increases skill damage by an additional 3.5% for all party members.
    • March Advancement
      • [PvP] Now increases PvP Damage by 10% (was 30%).
      • [PvP] No longer reduces incoming PvP Damage by 30%.
  • Onslaught
    • Impact EP has been reintroduced.


Design Note: Regarding your feedback, we’ve began taking the first steps to implement the result of the poll. Mystic gives stronger buffs in exchange for less damage dealt by the Mystic player themselves. We also rebalanced some damage back to Thrall of Wrath, as the more passive damage play style seemed to be more enjoyable for the majority of the Mystic players. Finally, we made Metamorphic Blast and Metamorphic Smite more viable to help fill the awkward downtime that Mystics experienced after our Arunic Release changes. Try these changes and let us know how you feel in the Mystic feedback discussion forum!

  • Arunic Release
    • Reduced skill damage by 66%.
    • Reduced healing when exploding two motes to 105,000 (was 150,000).
    • [PvP] Increased Cooldown by 100%.
  • Arun’s Tears
    • [PvP] Reduced Cooldown by 33%.
  • Arun’s Vitae
    • Glyph of Restoration healing has been increased to 75,000 (was 35,000).
    • [PvP] Reduced Cooldown by 33%.
  • Boomerang Pulse
    • Reduced skill damage by 60%.
  • Metamorphic Blast and Metamorphic Smite
    • No longer puts you in combat on successful hit.
    • Increased skill damage by 128%.
  • Teleport Jaunt
    • [PvP] Reverted the Cooldown change made in the previous patch to normal.
  • Thrall of Protection
    • Increased damage absorption to 60,000 (was 30,000).
  • Thrall of Vengeance
    • Thrall buff now increases Power by 25 (was 24) and [PvE] Normal Crit Power by 0.25.
    • Thrall buff duration increased to 20 seconds (was 15s).
    • Increased base Cooldown to 30 seconds (was 22s).
  • Thrall of Wrath
    • Thrall buff increases Power by 20 and [PvE] Normal Crit Power by 0.45 (was 0.71).
    • Increased thrall damage by 50%.
    • Should no longer die in any circumstance.
    • [PvP] Can now be used in Champion’s Skyring.
  • Warding Totem
    • Should no longer die in any circumstance.
  • All related tooltips have been updated to reflect these changes.


  • Edict of Judgment
    • [PvP] Can now be used in Champion’s Skyring.
  • Kaia’s Shield
    • Increased damage absorption to 70,000 (was 39,749).


Design Note: Reaper has been vastly outperforming our design metrics, and this will bring them back in line with our expectations.

  • Shadow Lash
    • Reduced skill range back to the default distance.
  • Sundering Strike
    • [PvE] Reduced damage dealt by 17.5%.


  • Evasive Roll
    • Increased the iframe duration to improve chaining multiple Evasive Rolls together.


Design Note: We’ve noticed that Warriors have been struggling to sync properly after the first burn, due to needing to stack Traverse Cut and edge before popping Deadly Gamble. The changes made to Deadly Gamble should make the class a bit more forgiving.

  • Deadly Gamble
    • Reduced base Cooldown to 115 seconds (was 120s).
  • Evasive Roll
    • Increased the iframe duration to improve chaining multiple Evasive Rolls together.


PvP Content

  • Retaliate can now be removed with Plague of Exhaustion or Regression.


PvP Battlegrounds

Champion’s Skyring

  • Drastically improved the rating system.
  • The following skills have been disabled:
    • Archer’s Gust Arrow
    • Berserker’s Unleash
    • Brawler’s Rhythmic Blows
    • Gunner’s Obliteration
    • Lancer’s Divine Protection
    • Ninja’s Inner Harmony
    • Reaper’s Binding Scythes
    • Slayer’s Unsheathe
    • Sorcerer’s Implosion
    • Valkyrie’s Godsfall
    • Warrior’s Blade Frenzy

Corsairs’ Stronghold (15v15)

Design Note: The change made to disable defensive and movement skills at spawn will reduce the possibility of accidentally (or intentionally) phasing through the gates before the Battleground match has begun. Shore Hold has also received this change for the same reason. As always, we do not condone this type of exploitation, and we will continue to moderate against it.

  • Increased the HP of Da Bomb to 75,000 (was 50,000).
  • You can no longer use defensive or movement skills at spawn.
  • The Anchorstone’s HP should now display correctly in the UI.

Shore Hold (10v10)

  • You can no longer use defensive or movement skills at spawn.


General Content

Guild Quests

  • Completing “Victory in Battlegrounds” now provides more Guild XP.
  • Completing “Kill Boss Monsters” now provides slightly less Guild XP.



Ice Fishing

  • All NPCs have been removed.



  • You can now enable the French language again. (Le jeu est de nouveau disponible en français.)
    • You can change your language option in the launcher.
    • If you see any blank strings, please let us know and we’ll fix it ASAP!
  • The following healer buffs have had their tooltips updated:
    • Mystic’s Thrall of Vengeance
    • Mystic’s Thrall of Wrath
    • Priest’s Edict of Judgment
  • The following items now stack up to 9,999 in your inventory:
    • Veteran’s HP Potion
    • Veteran’s MP Potion
    • Veteran’s Painkiller
  • Mystic and Priest stones in the Training Grounds have been updated to provide buffs that equal their current balancing status.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Teleport Jaunt skills on Sorcerer and Mystic would not teleport you through enemy players in PvP.
  • Fixed Corruption Ring’s duration being longer than expected while not having an animation lock when the skill ended.
  • Fixed the issue where Thrall of Life’s duration reduction didn’t apply.
    • This change also only affects PvP, which was not stated in the previous patch notes.
  • You can now search for Taiyaki on the Trade Broker.


That’s all for now, have fun in Arborea!

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