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[Patch Notes] Menma’s TERA 1.7.1-R2: Hotfixes

Adventurers, a new patch is coming!

Class Changes

All Classes

  • Slightly adjusted mount crit power passive system to better sync with the activation conditions added last patch. To see more information about the aforementioned activation system, click here.


  • Growing Fury (Irregular)
    • No longer reduces Endurance by 90.
    • Increases damage taken by 50%.


Design Note: Although we aren’t making Mystic changes with this patch, we’re keeping a very close eye on how it’s performing after our rework in 1.7.1. We really want to see how the class evolves and how Mystic players feel about the new playstyle with a bit more playtime. Of course, there are a few glaring concerns that both we and the community share, but we feel it’s best to give Mystic a bit more time before making even more changes. To those voicing your opinions, please continue to let us know what you do (or don’t) like!


Design Note: Based on feedback, Reaper players are concerned over how drastic the Sundering Strike damage reduction was, especially how it would affect their rotation order. After some consideration, we felt that this was not the best course of action. Instead, we’re opting to reduce the Scythes’ attack modifier, which results in the same overall damage reduction─ but spread across Reaper’s entire kit rather than centered on one skill. We’ll continue to monitor Reaper and see how it performs in the coming weeks. Thank you to those who have voiced your concerns and given us your feedback.

  • Reduced Scythes’ Attack Modifier to 48,759 (was 52,323).
  • Reverted the damage reduction to Sundering Strike.


  • Corrected an issue where Warrior Tank parties dealt less damage than intended.


PvP Battlegrounds

Champion’s Skyring (Solo / Team)

  • Reduced instance cooldown to 2:00 (was 5:00).

Corsairs’ Stronghold (15v15)

  • Reduced damage of the pilotable Siege Cannon to 35,000 (was 50,000).
  • Reduced instance cooldown to 5:00 (was 10:00).


General Content


  • Achievements related to Manglemire are now Legacy achievements.




Design Note: The Guild Advertisement channel has essentially always been used as a PvP chat. Admittedly very few people used the channel for its intended purpose, and there are both better in-game channels and better overall methods to advertise your guild. Instead of trying to change how the channel is used, we decided to embrace the culture and convert it into a PvP chat properly. Lastly and most unfortunately, you still need to be in a guild to access the chat─ we’re hoping to change this in the near future though.

  • The Guild Advertisement channel has been repurposed to PvP Chat, with a lighter shade of green!
  • You can access the new channel with the /q or /pvp shortcuts.
    • The /advert and /promo shortcuts have been removed.


Bug Fixes

  • An Annihilation Mask with no random options no longer shows Item XP.
  • Corrected an issue where some pet boxes were tradeable.
  • Fixed an issue with certain pets still having hitboxes after 1.7.1.
  • Improved some tooltips in the French language.
  • Incorrect tooltips have been fixed.
  • The cash shop no longer gives an untradeable Thrall Lord.

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