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[Patch Notes] Menma’s TERA 1.8.2: Kaia’s Conquest

Adventurers, a new patch is coming!


Class Changes


  • Growing Fury’s Irregular Optimization
    • NEW: Increases damage from behind by 10% and overall damage by 69.7%.
    • OLD: Increases damage from behind by 10% and overall damage by 73%.

Design Note: This change will result in dealing ~1.5% less damage when using Irregular Growing Fury.


  • [PvE] Fixed a bug which caused the class to deal much more damage than intended.


  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Reaping could not be dispelled with Regression or Plague of Exhaustion.



  • All dungeons have had their leaderboards reset.
    • As a reminder, we have implemented a one-week grace period (called an “off-season”) at the end of every PvE season which was announced back on 1.7.1. This is to ensure that we can make any necessary adjustments to the game’s balance based on your feedback and our data analysis. This is to ensure a balanced and fair competition among our players after seasonal changes.


PvP Elin Event

Compete in the following Battlegrounds to earn additional rewards after playing a certain number of games within the event period.

Corsair’s Stronghold (15v15)

  • The rewards are as follows:
    • 3 Games: 150x Agaia Token
    • 5 Games: 5x Cannon Companion Box
    • 12 Games: 10x Cannon Companion Box
    • 17 Games: 15,000x Tikat
    • 25 Games: 15x Cannon Companion Box
    • 35 Games: 6x PvP Hunter Token
  • The event will end on April 8th, 10:00 UTC.

Shore Hold (10v10)

  • The rewards are as follows:
    • 3 Games: 3x Diamond
    • 5 Games: 3x Zolyn Companion Box
    • 12 Games: 10x Zolyn Companion Box
    • 17 Games: 10,000x Tikat
    • 25 Games: 15x Zolyn Companion Box
    • 35 Games: 2x PvP Hunter Token
    • 50 Games: 2x PvP Hunter Token
  • The event will end on April 8th, 10:00 UTC.

Kaia’s Endless Fight (15v15)

  • The rewards are as follows:
    • 10 Games: 10x Killian Companion Box
  • The event will end on April 9th, 10:00 UTC.


PvP Content

Champions’ Skyring (3v3)

  • Reduced “Increase Attack Speed” line to 8% (was 18%) for all classes.

Design Note: Our overall goal is to make PvP more balanced and enjoyable. After we raised attack speed as a whole a few months ago there were some negative impacts on PvP such as allowing otherwise impossible skill combos, lowering the difficulty of combo and follow-up execution and shortening the time to kill. We want to revert these unintended changes to PvP and fix some of the core issues before we address specific class problems─ which we will do in due time. We understand that some of our players may wonder why we make different changes for different types of content. Our long-term plan is to unify our changes across all modes, but for now we will focus on Champions’ Skyring because it is the most affected by small changes.

Civil Unrest

  • Reduced points awarded for kills to 20 (was 25).
  • Reduced Guild Tower HP to 325 million (was 400 million).

Design Note: We are pleased with the success of Civil Unrest in the previous week. However, we have some concerns about the event that we want to address. One of them is the duration of the event, which was too long for our target. We aimed for Civil Unrest to last for just over an hour, but it took two hours to end. Another concern is the lack of incentive for players to focus on guild towers and instead go for raid wipes as kills contribute more to a guild’s ranking than destroying towers. We will consider sharing more details about the point system in Civil Unrest in the near future. We hope these changes will improve the next Civil Unrest and make it even more enjoyable for those participating.

Shore Hold (10v10)

  • Can now be queued with another player.


General Changes


  • Increased guild account limit to 40 (was 35).
  • Guild size now correctly changes based on the number of accounts they have:
    • Small: 1 ~ 15 Accounts
    • Medium: 16 ~ 29 Accounts
    • Large: 30 ~ 40 Accounts
      • The weekly Valderon Token limit remains the same for all guilds regardless of size.
  • Weekly gold split has been adjusted to a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 40% to reflect these changes.

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