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[Patch Notes] Menma’s TERA 1.8.4: PvP’s Fine-Tuned Fight

Adventurers, a new patch is coming!


As for our upcoming content, we’ve been hard at work and hope to have more solid previews soon. As previously mentioned, this is our largest patch to date and we want to make it as good as we can; only showing previews when we can guarantee its quality. We understand that some of you may feel burnt out with our current content, but our stance on this for now is that we’d rather take our time to assure quality than to rush a poor product. Take things easy for now if you need to, so that you can have more energy to enjoy the new content on release. Not only has our team been hard at work on this, but we’ve also been trying new things. As we frequently mention, we have far fewer resources than a company like Bluehole, yet we’re trying to push out much larger patches in much less time. We also have our own lives outside working on the game, and many of us have been hard at work for 8 or more months. So we kindly ask for your patience and support while we get over the final hurdles.


We’ve been listening closely to your feedback and we’ve been hard at work to improve our Open World PvP experience. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it over on our Discord! We aim to release new open world activities similar to GBAM as well as a new jewelry set soon. To many of you, the meta is growing stale. It’s becoming too focused on a few classes in both mass PvP content as well as more competitive content like Champions’ Skyring. On our side of things, we want to adjust the meta to adjust the classes that are overtuned while also spicing up the current PvP meta. Unfortunately, these changes are taking a lot of our time due to a mix of the game’s code, skill emulation issues, or unforeseen PvP impacts. This is the reason why our balance changes have seemed incomplete, as we’re shipping what we can when we’re confident in its state. On top of this, we’re still working to establish and settle the PvP team to be more robust, similar to what many grew accustomed to with the PvE team.

Thank you for your support and patience. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store!
─ Hail (Community Manager)


Battle Pass (Season II)

  • Changed the distribution of PvP Missions when opening the daily Battle Pass box.
    • You now receive 6 choice missions, rather than 3 random and 3 choice.
  • Removed Demokron Factory (Hard) from the random PvE mission box.


Dungeon Changes

Forbidden Arena (Nightmare Undying Warlord)

  • No longer performs the back-flip attack before 70%.
  • Increased HP to 60 billion (was 58 billion).

Forbidden Arena

  • Hagufna and Undying Warlord are now wearing their normal attire.


PvP Content

[NEW!] Kaia’s Endless Fight (Solo)

  • Functions identically to Kaia’s Endless Fight (15v15), but you can queue with 1-2 total party size.

Shore Hold (10v10)

  • Adjusted the amount of points you get for defeating a BAM:
    • 1st BAM: 300 (was 800)
    • 3rd BAM: 500 (was 1,000)
  • Holding a pyre now gives 8 points per second (was 6).
    • All pyres give the same points.


Class Changes

Design Note: Many PvE players will know about our Remnant Evade system introduced in a previous patch. This causes issues with PvP, so while wearing PvP gear they will be removed as of this patch. The iframe timings should revert back to where they were prior to our change. This was especially an issue with Mystic’s Teleport Jaunt, which lingered far too long. We also introduced changes to Resurrection which aim to address issues with open world PvP’s “Resurrect meta” by making it easier to punish healers for resurrecting an ally mid fight.


  • (Intimidation) Fiery Rage
    • [PvP] Increased cooldown to 24.5 seconds (was 9s).


  • Growing Fury’s Irregular Advancement
    • Now increases overall damage by 70.1% (was 70.8%).


  • Bombardment
    • [PvP] Now provides super armor while casting.
  • Scattershot
    • [PvP] Reduces target’s movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds on successful hit.


  • Shield Counter
    • [PvP] You are now immune to knockdown and stagger while casting.


  • Arun’s Tears & Arun’s Vitae
    • [PvP] Fixed a bug which caused the cooldown to be wrong.
  • Resurrect
    • [PvP] Now removes Guardian Sanctuary, Holy Burst, Kaia’s ShieldRetaliate, Sky Lotus and Thrall of Protection effects when cast.
  • Teleport Jaunt
    • [PvP] Removed the Remnant Evade lingering iframe.


  • Backstep
    • [PvP] Removed the Remnant Evade lingering iframe.
  • Resurrect
    • [PvP] Now removes Guardian Sanctuary, Holy Burst, Kaia’s ShieldRetaliate, Sky Lotus and Thrall of Protection effects when cast.


  • [PvE] Increased overall damage by 2%.


  • [PvE] Reduced overall damage by 1.73%.
  • [PvP] All propulsion effects now apply on a critical hit rather than just a hit.

Design Note: The changes made to slayer in PvE made it a very strong class in PvP due to the powerlink % increases and how Propulsion interacts with the entire kit. Propulsion being made “on hit” made a Slayer’s cooldowns very low, as long as they could keep hitting their skills. Changing this effect to “on crit” will bring Slayer back to where it should be.


  • Arcane Storm
    • Moved the area of effect 6 meters forward.
      • You can now hit targets 15 meters in front of you, rather than just 7.4m.
  • Backstep & Teleport Jaunt
    • [PvP] Removed the Remnant Evade lingering iframe.
  • Nova
    • Increased damage by 18%.

Design Note: The changes to Arcane Storm are welcome in PvE, so all fusions can hit at 15 meters. This change is similar to one that was made by Bluehole: moving Nova forward to increase the range of the class. We don’t know how it’ll feel in PvP, but it should breathe some fresh air into the class. That said, balancing Sorcerer is quite difficult since it’s incredibly strong in open world mass PvP content, but lacks damage in neutral during 3s. However, the class has Crowd Control, so it’s a tight line to walk between giving it enough but not so much that it becomes overbearing. We will continue to keep an eye on the class and make adjustments over time, as there are some clunky aspects to the class which will help it more than just increasing damage might.


  • [PvE] Reduced overall damage by 3%.
  • During Adrenaline Rush, increased overall damage by 6.1%.
    • If you need a refresher on how Adrenaline Rush works on Menma’s TERA, click HERE.



  • Clover’s Luck now has a cooldown of 1 minute.
  • Rewards from the Muricai Shark Fishing Event have been adjusted.
  • The rate of sharks from the Muricai Shark Fishing Event have been adjusted.


Bug Fixes

  • The Darkcore Innerwear Box from the Muricai Shark Fishing Event is now usable.
  • Eternal Elo now gives Magical Amplification instead of Physical Amplification.

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