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[Patch Notes] Menma’s TERA 1.8.5: Final Preparations

Adventurers, a new patch is coming!


Battle Pass (Season II)

  • You can now purchase PvE Hero Tokens from the PvP shop.
  • Likewise, you can also purchase PvP Hero Tokens from the PvE shop.


Bamarama (Round II)

  • You must now place bets using at least five 100 Tikat Bags.
    • You can purchase this item from the Tikat Store.
    • No longer uses Bamarama Coins to place bets.
      • Bamarama Coin NPCs have been temporarily removed.
  • This is a limited time event, so participate as often as possible!


Dungeon Changes

Demokron Factory (Hard)

  • Fixed an issue where the laser mechanic’s safezone would disappear earlier than intended.
  • During the aforementioned mechanic, the safezone now appears on the closest player to Verno.


PvP Content

Civil Unrest

  • Added Physical and Magical Resistance to Guild Towers.
    • This is to reduce the effectiveness of Amplification in Civil Unrest.
  • As per our last maintenance, we’ve introduced new entry limitations:
    • You must be in a guild to participate in Civil Unrest.
    • Leaving a guild during Civil Unrest will teleport you out.
    • Each guild can have up to 25 members inside Civil Unrest.
    • If the maximum capacity of 25 is exceeded, all extra players will get teleported out.

Battleground Schedule

There is now a schedule in which battlegrounds will be active from (in GMT+3):

  • Shore Hold (10v10)
    • Monday and Thursday
  • Corsairs’ Stronghold
    • Tuesday and Saturday
  • Kaia’s Endless Fight (Solo/Duo)
    • Wednesday and Sunday
  • Kaia’s Endless Fight (Team)
    • Friday

Kaia’s Endless Fight (Solo)

  • Now uses the same gear as Shore Hold.
  • You can no longer use consumables.
  • You can no longer use your Brooch.


Class Changes

CM Note: I’ve been made aware that there is some confusion about how class changes are written; so changes that affect specific content offerings are appended with either [PvE] or [PvP] respectively. If a change says [PvP] and you are a PvE player, then that change will not affect you whatsoever and vice versa. Likewise, if you see a PvP change for Open World PvP but you only do Champions’ Skyring, then it won’t affect you either. Overall, my goal with this has been to make it far easier to discern what changes are for PvE and PvP without separating them completely (as some changes do affect both).

Design Note: During the period of time where the PvP Community was absent, there were many changes made that directly or indirectly affected PvP. These changes vary from complete reworks of certain abilities / classes to more simple base damage changes. We’ve been keeping a close eye on how these changes impact PvP and will continue to do so to ensure PvP’s health overall is in a state we’re most happy with. Some of the changes made in this patch alleviate some concerns based on the aforementioned changes.


  • [PvP ─ Champions’ Skyring] Reduced overall damage by 10%.


  • Growing Fury’s Irregular Advancement
    • [PvE] Reduced overall damage increase to 65.5% (was 70.1%).


  • Balder’s Vengeance
    • You can no longer be stunned while casting the skill.
    • [PvP ─ Open World] Reduced damage by 20%.
  • Command: Self Destruct
    • Now destroys the construct as intended.
  • Obliterate
    • [PvP ─ Open World] Reduced damage by 20%.


  • [PvP ─ Open World] Reduced PvP Damage taken by 10%.
  • Adrenaline Rush’s March Advancement
    • Increased damage by 5%.
    • Now applies only to the lancer as described in the advancement’s description.
  • Adrenaline Rush’s Strenuous Advancement
    • No longer increases PvP Damage by 15%.
    • Now applies the correct buff to the party as described in the advancement’s description.
  • Rallying Cry
    • Now only applies to the five closest players.


  • [PvE] Reduced overall damage by 2.7%.
  • Double Cut, Circle of Steel, Leaves on the Wind, One Thousand Cuts, Skyfall
    • [PvP] Reduced MP Cost by 50%.
  • Focus
    • No longer consumes MP.
  • Harmonious Burning Heart, Harmonious Leaves on the Wind
    • [PvP ─ Battlegrounds] In Corsairs’ Stronghold and Shore Hold, PvE damage dealt is reduced by 50%.
  • Harmonious Fire Avalanche
    • Improved hitbox to match the visual effect.
    • [PvP ─ Open World] Reduced damage by 20%.
    • [PvP ─ Battlegrounds] In Corsairs’ Stronghold and Shore Hold, PvE damage dealt is reduced by 50% (was 30%).


  • [PvP ─ Champions’ Skyring] Increased PvP Defense by 10%.
  • Healing Immersion
    • [PvP] Increased healing by 20%.
      • Note that this is already the case in Champions’ Skyring prior to this patch, so you won’t see an increase there.


  • Reduced overall damage while affected by One with the Sword by 1.5%.
  • [PvP ─ Champions’ Skyring] Reduced overall damage by 15% (was 10%).
  • Propulsion Passive
    • [PvP] Eviscerate will still require a critical hit to reduce the cooldown of Measured Slice.
    • [PvP] All other skills will be reverted to “on hit” rather than requiring a critical hit.


  • Implosion
    • [PvP ─ Open World] Reduced damage by 20%.


  • [PvE] Reduced overall damage while affected by Adrenaline Rush by 1.5%.
    • If you don’t remember how Adrenaline Rush works on Menma’s TERA, click HERE.


  • Scythe
    • [PvP] Increased damage by 20%.
    • [PvP] Reduced damage by 40% while affected by Deadly Gamble.

Design Note: This change results in a net shift of Warrior’s damage. We shifted some of their damage to their neutral (out of burn state) but reduced their damage during their burn, Deadly Gamble.



  • Removed Crystalbind’s visual effect.
  • You can now put all previously unbankable title tokens in your bank.
  • The login buff has been normalized and no longer gets stronger every few days.
    • We hope to do something more interesting with login buff in the near future, stay tuned!
  • Fixed the typo in the Champions’ Skyring title.
  • Fixed the typo in the Corsairs’ Stronghold title.
  • Hydrangea’s debuff now applies faster and deals more damage.


Bug Fixes

  • Achievements relating to destroying Guild Towers or killing BAMs in Civil Unrest now track properly.
  • All Halidom and Relics have a 100% success chance when enchanting.
  • Smilecrackers are now stackable to 99,999 again.
  • You can now teleport off Stepstone Island immediately.

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