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[Patch Notes] Menma’s TERA 2.0.6-R9: The Big One!

Adventurers, a new patch is coming!

We are excited to announce that we have just released a massive patch for our beloved MMORPG. This patch contains so many changes that we can’t even list them all here. Seriously, it would take us hours to write down everything we have done to improve your gaming experience. Some of the changes are big, some are small, some are obvious, some are subtle, some are game-changing, some are cosmetic, some are bug fixes, some are new features, some are balance tweaks, some are quality of life improvements, some are surprises, some are secrets, and some are… well, you’ll have to find out for yourself. We have worked hard to make this patch the best one ever. We have listened to your feedback, we have analyzed the data, we have consulted the experts, we have tested the results, we have polished the details, we have optimized the performance, we have enhanced the graphics, we have added the content, we have removed the clutter, we have increased the fun.

Trust us, this patch is huge. It’s like a whole new game. This is TERA 2.0. It’s like nothing you have ever seen before.

Thank you for playing Menma’s TERA and supporting us. We appreciate your loyalty and passion. We will continue to update and improve the game for you. Stay tuned for more news and announcements.


And remember: change is good.
─ Hail (Community Manager)
─ Serth (Content Lead, PvE)
─ Icha (Game Manager)
─ Nightcore (Game Manager)
─ Sasha (Content Lead, General)
─ Nightcore (Nightcore)


Cash Shop

  • Fixed a bug where costumes purchased from the cash shop weren’t giving stats as intended.
    • All costumes purchased from our cash shop provide the following buffs:
      • 10% Attack Speed
      • 6.9% Cooldown Reduction
      • 10 Movement Speed in Combat
  • Added a new feature called Skins, where players can customize the appearance of their weapons and characters with various patterns and colors.


General Content


  • Increased guild account limit to 69 (was 40).

New Player Experience

  • Corrected a bug in which new characters were granted a Level 70 scroll when they were first created.
    • All characters have been reset back to Level 1 to compensate.
    • The Level 70 scroll has been added to the cash shop for 10,069 MTC.


  • Increased the drop rate of all underwear by 1000%.
    • This is to encourage players to collect and wear different styles of underwear.
    • We have also introduced various other styles of undergarments that we felt were under-represented.


  • The chat filter has been removed, so players can finally express themselves freely with any colorful language they want.
    • However, following a serious legal allegation involving a Popori, we have disabled all whispering.
      • Additionally, all Popori characters have been temporarily suspended while we investigate.

Weight System

  • We have given all races a weight stat, which affects your movement speed:
    • Aman: 120kg
    • Baraka: 150kg
    • Castanic: 69kg
    • Elin: 40kg
    • High Elf: 60kg
    • Human: 70kg
    • Popori: 50kg
      • Using shape changers affects your weight accordingly.



  • Press and hold tab to transmit audio from your mic (can be changed).
  • Proximity chat is enabled by default and has a range of 150m.
    • Be within 24m for the best listening experience!
    • Proximity Chat is disabled in Champions’ Skyring.


Ticket Bot

  • No longer crashes.
  • Tickets now work in game.
  • Ticket responses appear as a popup message that you must close by clicking ok.




Campfires and Resting

  • Reintroduced campfires, which creates a Safe Haven around you.
  • You can now take a Short or Long Rest in a Safe Haven.
    • Entering combat at any point cancels resting, which may prematurely stop a Long Rest.
    • Monsters actively avoid campfire areas unless provoked.
    • Short Rest
      • You must be in a Safe Haven for at least one hour.
      • During a short rest, you can spend one or more of your hit dice to regain some hit points. You can also use some of your class features that recharge on a short rest, such as a Fighter’s second wind or a Warlock’s spell slots.
    • Long Rest
      • You must be in a Safe Haven for at least eight hours.
      • During a long rest, you regain all of your hit points and half of your hit dice. You also regain all of your class features and spell slots that recharge on a long rest. You can only benefit from one long rest in a 24 hour period.


Marriage System


  • A new command has been added, /propose (target).
    • You must have a Wedding Ring in your inventory to propose.
    • Proposal is a request and the target must accept.
      • Upon being accepted, you each receive a unique title (Name)’s Fiancé.
      • The title’s effects change depending on the type of ring used for proposal.
  • You must have a Wedding Ring in your inventory for the command to work, which you can purchase from the NPC Cupid in Pora Elinu.
    • There are 5 different types of Wedding Rings:
      • Bronze Ring (5,000,000 gold)
      • Silver Ring (15,000,000 gold)
      • Gold Ring (45,000,000 gold)
      • Platinum Ring (135,000,000 gold)
      • Diamond Ring (405,000,000 gold)

As Fiancés

  • In this stage, you must get an official wedding with a GM.
    • You must prepare your rights and hold a wedding with at least 2 witnesses.
  • This is the final stage where either member may call off the wedding by using /calloff, /leaverelationship or /leavers for short.
  • After an official wedding ceremony, you will become spouses!
    • Your “fiancé” titles convert to “spouse” titles.

As Spouses

  • While married, the following changes are applied to both accounts:
    • Access to the Companionship and Marriage Skill system.
    • Both banks are combined into one bank with 16 tabs.
    • You can unlock up to 4 more tabs by purchasing Spousal Skills.
    • Automatically reach 9,999 friendship if you were not already that high.
    • No longer have to request to /join your spouse’s party.

Companionship and Marriage Skills

By completing dungeons with your spouse, you will gain Companionship Experience. After gaining enough experience, you will gain a Companionship Level. Currently, the maximum Companionship Level is 50, with a maximum of one level achieved per week. Each Companionship Level will award a spousal pair with one Companionship Point, with which they can purchase a Marriage Skill.

  • Here is a list of available Marriage Skill(s):
    • Marriage Bank: Each level adds a new bank tab.
      • Similarly to the Guild Bank, these tabs are special and appear golden on the bank UI.
      • Each level provides one Marriage Bank, up to a maximum of 4.
    • Marriage Summon: Immediately summon your spouse to your side.
      • You must be in the same zone as your spouse to use this skill.
      • Does not work in Civil Unrest, Battlegrounds or Dungeons.
      • Each level reduces the cooldown, down to 30s.
    • Marriage Resurrect: Immediately resurrect your spoues on the spot.
      • You must be in he same zone and instance as your spouse to use this skill.
      • You must be within 10 meters of your spouse to use this skill.
      • Each level increases the range, up to 50 meters.


Unfortunately, not all weddings end in happiness.

  • You can request a divorce by using /divorce. This will automatically call CM Hail to investigate, literally calling his phone.
    • Hail may refuse your divorce request and enforce a marriage council with the GM team.
    • If the request is accepted, Divorce Court will occur which will decide who gets what in their bank (including Marriage Bank(s)).
    • If you have children with your estranged spouse, it’s up to Hail’s sole discretion to choose the most suitable parent to retain parenting rights.


PvP Content

Open World PvP

We have some important news to share with you today. After careful consideration and feedback from our community, we have decided to remove the open world player versus player (PvP) feature from our game. We know this may come as a shock to some of you, but we believe this is the best decision for the health and happiness of our players. Why did we make this decision? Well, to put it simply, open world PvP was causing too much toxicity in our game. We have received countless reports of griefing, harassment, camping, and other forms of unsportsmanlike behavior from players who abused the PvP system. Some players even went as far as to create multiple accounts and use hacks and exploits to ruin the experience for others. This was not the kind of fun and immersive gameplay we envisioned when we created our game.

  • Due to heavy toxicity, open world PvP has been disabled.
    • Outlaw Declaration has been deactivated and upon login will be removed.
    • All zones have been made GvG safe.

Summoner’s Rift (5v5)

  • The map now rotates by 90 degrees every 5 minutes.
  • Dragon pit now contains two dragons rather than one.
    • The dragons spawn at the same time and have different elements.
  • Baron Nashor has been replaced by a Giant Teemo.
    • Giant Teemo has the abilities of a normal Teemo, but scaled up to match his size.
    • When you enter Giant Teemo’s vision, he will perform a global taunt.
  • Inhibitors now respawn with full HP after 30 seconds.
  • The Nexus now fights back and gains a health bonus equivalent to 10% of all Champion’s maximum HP.

Competitive (5v5)

  • Added a new map called Dust 3 to the map pool.
    • Dust 3 is a remake of Dust 2 with enhanced graphics, layout and gameplay features.
  • Removed Dust 2 from the map pool.
  • Adjusted FAMAS and Galil recoil to make them more realistic and reliable.
  • Reduced the cost of the AK-47 by $100.
  • Increased damage of M4A1-S by 5.
  • Reduced the amount of time a planted bomb is active before exploding by 5 seconds.
  • Increased the time it takes to defuse the bomb by 1 second.
  • Fixed several bugs that allowed players to bypass map boundaries or cause server crashes.


Leaderboard Changes

Design Note: We’ve been discussing what we want to do with leaderboards for a few patches now. The team has spent a lot of time attempting to balance classes, which results in a lot of time taken on our part that could’ve been spent on other parts of the game. Of course, balancing has also caused a lot of arguments internally as well as among the broader community. Collectively, we’ve decided that it would be better to change how leaderboards work to ensure that everyone in the community is happy. We will not be keeping an eye on this feature and we will not revert it.

  • All runs uploaded automatically get first place, resulting in a tie for all participants.
    • All participants will receive the 1st place rewards at the end of the season.
    • Statues will be placed all throughout Highwatch city at random.


Dungeon Changes

Opened Dungeons

  • The following dungeons have opened their doors:
    • [NEW!] Corrupted Channelworks (7-Person)

Closed Dungeons

  • The following dungeons have closed their doors:
    • Rampaging RK-9 Kennel
    • Draakon Arena (hard)
    • Forbidden Arena [Nightmare Undying Warlord]
    • The Plexus (Hard)
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard)
    • Forbidden Arena [Undying Warlord]
    • Demokron Factory (Hard)
    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
    • Akalath Quarantine
    • Forbidden Arena [Hagufna]
    • Dragon’s Nest (20-man)
    • Draakon Arena
    • Corrupted Skynest
    • Broken Prison
    • RK-9 Kennel
    • Ruinous Manor
    • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
    • Lilith’s Keep
    • Kezzel’s Gorge (5-Person)
    • Channelworks (3-Person)

[NEW!] Corrupted Channelworks (7-Person)

  • Instead of healing the player, the statues heal the boss.
  • Enabled fall damage.
  • Removed all invisible walls.
  • Sentry AA-23
    • The wall and laser mech has been revamped:
      • Now spawns the following bosses in order: Nightmare I Forgot His Name, Nightmare Meldita, Nightmare Shandra Manaya
      • You must defeat the boss for Sentry AA-23 to become vulnerable again.
  • Plecostoma and Kerkion
    • Both bosses have been removed.
    • Mind Goblin now spawns instead.


Class Changes

All Classes

  • Fixed a bug where players would become invincible for a short period after using Backstab, Backstep, Decoy Jutsu, Evasive Roll, Implosion, Mass Teleport, Shadow Jump, Shadow Step, Smoke Bomb, Teleport Jaunt, Warp Barrier, and more.


  • Cyclone
    • Now has a 100% reset chance.
    • Can reset up to an infinite number of times.
  • UnleashUnleashed: Beast FuryUnleashed: Sinister and Unleashed: Dexter
    • During Intimidation, you now have frontal block.
  • Unleashed: Rampage
    • You now get banned immediately when casting the skill.

Tanks (all of them)

  • We changed endurance shred of one of the tanks by 20, but we forgot which one.
    • We also forgot if the change was 20 (flat) or 20%.
  • Infuriate
    • Removed because Berserker can’t enrage, so no one else can either.


  • Automatically receives a 10% buff every time the server goes down or crashes.
    • We felt that the change made in our previous patch was too strong but don’t know how to fix the class.
    • These buffs will continue until Gunner is the most popular class.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Reaper’s skills to apply damage as Magical.
    • All of Reaper’s skills now apply damage as Physical.
  • Binding Scythes
    • [PvP] Hitting a target deals 20% of the target’s HP as True DMG, bypassing shields or immunities.
    • [PvE] Increased final damage by 999%.
    • Bound targets are now rooted for the entire duration.
  • Sundering Strike
    • Increased skill damage by 175%.
  • [NEW!] Aerial Scythe – Press and hold the skill button to launch nearby enemies into the air. The longer you hold the button, the higher your enemies will rise and the more damage they will take when they fall. Enemies risen by Aerial Scythe cannot be damaged by normal attacks until dropped, and will fall immediately if you are immobilized.
    • Enemies become immune to Aerial Scythe for a set period of time after taking damage.
  • Shadow Step
    • The skill has been renamed to Shadow Dash.
    • Now moves you the distance of Teleport Jaunt.
    • Now has 3 charges (was 2).
    • Increased cooldown by 69%.


  • Priests have been deleted. All existing Priests will receive one Class Change Voucher on login.


  • Metamorphic Blast and Metamorphic Smite
    • No longer have animations.
    • No longer have a cooldown.
      • TIP: Spam them to deal more damage!
  • You no longer summon your thralls, you turn into it for the duration.
    • Your skill bar changes to that of the summon’s skills: including Warding Totem.
    • If you die while playing as a summon: you turn back into your normal character, get knocked down and have 15% HP.


  • Undeleted priest, but all skills are now Mystic skills.
  • Elin Priest removed. If you are playing an Elin Priest you are deleted with no chance to recover your character.
  • You no longer receive a Class Change Voucher on login.


  • Fixed a bug where all attacks granted frontal block during Growing Fury.
    • We’re really not sure how this happened, sorry!
  • Growing Fury increases your weight proportionally.


  • Decreased the Shuriken’s Attack Modifier to 41,379.
  • Baraka Ninja activated.
  • Burning Heart
    • No longer has a cooldown.
    • Converted to Harmonious Burning Heart, even outside of Inner Harmony.
  • [NEW!] Burst Fire
    • Functions the same as Gunner’s Burst Fire, including the Arcannon.
    • Turns into Harmonious Burst Fire during Inner Harmony, which has clones shooting too.
  • Smoke Bomb
    • Reverted previous changes to smoke bomb.
      • We’re aware of a bug where we reverted so much smoke bomb that the smoke bomb no longer smokes nor bombs.


  • Popori Valkyrie activated.
  • Increased attack speed by 10.69% and reduced every skill’s duration by at least ~35% (average).
  • Deleted Ragnarok points.
  • Godsfall
    • No longer consumes Ragnarok points.
    • Cooldown decreased to 90 seconds.
    • Can be activated while Ragnarok is enabled.
  • Ragnarok
    • No longer consumes Ragnarok points.
    • Now a toggle skill that consumes 11% HP per second.
    • Increases size and weight by 100%.
      • If playing an Elin, size and weight is increased by an additional 150%.


  • Leash
    • Now has a weight limit equal to your character’s weight.
    • Pulling an overweight target pulls you both toward each other, meeting half way.
      • Stuns both players if this happens.
  • Master’s Leash
    • Now has a weight limit equal to 200% your character’s weight.
    • Pulling an overweight target pulls you both toward each other, meeting half way.
      • Stuns both players if this happens.
  • Chained Leash
    • Now has a weight limit equal to 350% your character’s weight
    • Exceeding that weight breaks the chain, causing the lancer to get knocked into the leash.


  • Edge now stacks up to 1,000.
    • This is to make the class more edgy.
    • Accidentally forgot to update the edge effect.
      • You need to stack 1,000 edge to receive the same damage as a previously 10 edge Scythe.
  • Evasive Roll
    • The skill has been renamed to Roll.
    • Removed the “evasive” part.
    • Consumes 25 Edge.
      • This is to balance the skill as rolling is too powerful.
  • Blade Draw

    • Now has 2 charges (was 1).
    • Reduces the cooldown of Blade Frenzy by 1s on successful critical hit.
  • Rain of Blows

    • Increased base edge generation by 1.
  • Scythe
    • Removed cooldown.
    • [PvP] Skill reaction changes depending on the amount of Edge consumed:
      • 0 ~ 10: No reaction.
      • 11 ~ 20: Stagger.
      • 21+: Knockdown.
  • Aerial Scythe
    • Removed the skill as we couldn’t think of a better name for Reaper’s new skill.
  • Blade Frenzy
    • Now consumes all Edge to increase damage dealt.
    • A successful hit with the final blow resets Deadly Gamble.
    • Cooldown doubled.


  • The class has been renamed to Sniper.
  • The Bow has been removed.
  • Weapon is now a Sniper Rifle.
    • Unfortunately, you must buy a new weapon since we couldn’t find out how to convert.
    • You can buy an Annihilation AWP from the merchant in Highwatch.
    • You must also buy ammo from the merchant, which costs 250,000 per shot.
  • To use the AWP, you must slot it into your hotbar like a Bomb or Brooch.
    • Consumes 1 ammo per cast.
    • Cooldown of 2 seconds.
    • 1% chance to jam which has a cooldown of 8 seconds.
    • 0.1% chance to break, which must be fixed with a short or long test.
    • Damage depends on where you hit the target:
      • Head: 500,000
      • Chest: 300,000
      • Abdomen: 200,000
      • Leg: 150,000
      • Arm: 100,000
    • Fires a hitscan bullet.
  • All other skills have been removed.
  • Safe Space has returned, called Safer Space
    • Safer Space
      • If you are within 30m of a target, your damage is reduced by 99%.


  • [NEW!] Metamagic
    • This feature allows any Sorcerer to modify their spells in various ways, such as extending their range, duration, or number of targets.
    • You may choose up to two Metamagic options at 3rd level, and one more at 10th and 17th level.
  • There is a new resource called Sorcery Points, which can be used to fuel their new Metamagic spells.
    • You start with one Sorcery Point at 1st level, and gain one Sorcery Point for each level up to 20th level.
    • You may restore all Sorcery Points by taking a Long Rest at a Campfire or Safe Haven.
  • [NEW!] Sorcerous Origin
    • Starting at 1st Level, you may now choose an origin which will grant you additional abilities and spells relating to the source of your magical power.
    • There are four origins to choose from: Bloodshard Sorcery, Castanic Black Magic, Nature Magic and Draconic Bloodline.
  • [NEW!] Empowered Spell
    • Allows you to reroll a number of damage dice equivalent to your Charisma modifier when you cast a spell that deals damage.
    • You can use this metamagic feature once per turn.
  • Revised the Sorcerer’s spell list in full, and added new spells such as Chaos BoltDragon’s Breath, and Synaptic Static. Sorcerers can also learn these spells from other classes through their Sorcerous Origin features or by spending Sorcery Points.
  • Fixed some bugs and typos in Sorcerer’s spell list and descriptions.


Design Note: The slayer is perfectly balanced, as all things should be. It’s not underpowered, it’s not overpowered, it’s just right. It’s not mid, it’s top tier. It can even heal itself with skills like Tenacity and  . The slayer is a self-sufficient and independent class that doesn’t need anyone’s help. The slayer is not a class that anyone can play, but only those who have the courage and the skill to master it. The slayer can tank, DPS, heal, CC, solo, group, PvP, PvE, you name it. The slayer can adapt to any challenge and overcome any obstacle. The slayer can make friends with anyone and enemies with no one. The slayer can enjoy the game to the fullest and never get bored or frustrated.

The slayer is the best class in the game, hands down. No other class can match its damage, mobility, survivability, and fun factor. The slayer is perfectly balanced, and anyone who says otherwise is either jealous or ignorant. The slayer does not need any changes, it’s perfect the way it is. The slayer is not underpowered, it’s not mid, it’s godlike. The slayer is the ultimate MMORPG class.

  • No changes have been made.



  • TERA mode has been removed. All previous changes will be applied to TERA: Battle Arena.
  • Various changes made.
  • Look at this cute cat picture I got sent while writing these patch notes

[NEW!] Clown Class

  • New class that starts at Level 69.
  • You can equip a Balloon, Pie, or Rubber Chicken as your weapon.
  • Clowns have the following skills:
    • Honk
      • Deals damage to all nearby enemies.
    • Prank
      • Applies a random debuff to the target.
    • Juggle
      • Round objects are hurled at the target to strike two to five times in a row.


Bug Fixes

Design Notes: This patch fixes every single bug that has ever plagued any program, device, or system in the world. Yes, you read that right. Every. Single. Bug. We have fixed everything from the blue screen of death in Windows to the kernel panic in Linux to the spinning beach ball of doom in Mac OS. We have fixed everything from the red ring of death in Xbox to the yellow light of death in PlayStation to the black screen of death in Nintendo Switch. We have even fixed the obscure and forgotten bugs that only affected the PlayStation Vita, because we care about every single user. How did we do it, you ask? Well, we can’t reveal our secret sauce, but let’s just say we have some very talented and dedicated developers who have mastered the art of debugging. They have used their skills and knowledge to create a patch that is flawless, elegant, and efficient. They have also tested it extensively on every possible platform and scenario to ensure its compatibility and stability.

  • Thank you to Aparia, Hostility, Klshi and Roukanken for tirelessly working to fix every bug in less than a week!
  • Players no longer get stuck in the air after using a flying mount.
  • Removed Herobrine.


This patch is our gift to you, our loyal and awesome player base. We hope you appreciate our hard work and dedication, and we hope that you enjoy our patch as much as we enjoyed making it.

Thank you for choosing us as your private server. You are the best!
– Menma’s TERA Team

p.s; april fools <3
special thanks to chat gpt & bing AI for writing the most absurd parts of this

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